Was Queen Elizabeth II a Mechanic During World War II?

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As far as everyone knows, a photo proving that Queen Elizabeth II of England served as a stuntman during WWII is often circled via web-based media:

While some observers may have some troubling memories imagining the sovereign as a young woman shooting a car (at the time of composing, she is 93 years old), this is a certifiable photo of her during WWII.

Princess Elizabeth joined the Auxiliary Territorial Service in 1945, where she was in charge of the privileged post of subsequent subordinate and trained as an official driver. Here’s a news clipping from the Edmonton Journal on the Princess Elizabeth administration:

Mon, March 5, 1945-15 Edmonton Journal (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) Newspapers.com

The viral photo was taken by William Horton and is accessible through the National Portrait Gallery in London. Some of the additional images of Princess Elizabeth preparing as a stuntman during WWII can also be found on Getty Images.

The International WWII Museum displayed a comparative photo of Princess Elizabeth at her presentation “Ladies in WWII: On the Home Front and the Front of the Battle” in 2018. Kenneth Rendell, the head of the historic center, read a watch magazine at the time:

UNITED KINGDOM – CIRCA 1945: Princess Elizabeth (born 1926), future Queen Elizabeth II of England, learning how to change a car wheel as an auxiliary officer in the English Army, 1945 (Photo by Roger Viollet via Getty Images).



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