the benefits of chili peppers

the benefits of chili peppers

Chili or chili is a plant that can be classified as a vegetable or food additive. The spicy taste is a characteristic of chili so it is chosen as a complement to cooking spices. Indonesia is a country with a type of society whose cuisine can not be separated from …

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16 Benefits of Flat Pea Seeds for Health

16 benefits of flat pea seeds for health

There are so many types of nuts in Indonesia, including one type of nut that is familiar is pea. Peanuts have two types of beans, namely flat-seeded peas and round-seeded peas. Of course, these two types of beans have their respective functions. We know that the benefits of peas are …

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8 Benefits of Siamese Pumpkin Juice for Health

8 benefits of siamese pumpkin juice for health

Chayote comes from one area in Thailand, namely Siam and spread to various tropical countries including Indonesia. Including vines that have tendrils that become a place of growth. This vegetable plant has a scientific name Sechium Edulecomes from a family Cucurbitaceae, pear-shaped green and slightly wrinkled. The texture is full …

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20 Redemption Benefits For Health

20 redemption benefits for health

Terubus is one of the quite unique types of vegetables that come from sugarcane flowers. Terubus itself has other names such as egg cane, trubus, egg cane, sugar cane and also Saccharum edule Hasskarl which belongs to the Graminae family. This plant is called pierced because it is the shape …

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28 Benefits of Ashitaba Japanese Celery for Body Health

manfaat ashitaba seledri jepang

This plant is called Japanese celery because the shape of the plant is like celery and this plant comes from Japan, namely the island of Hachi Jo Island (Island of Longevity). It is called the Longevity Island because the people who inhabit the island are famous for their long life, …

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8 Benefits of Bitter Mustard for Extraordinary Health

8 benefits of bitter mustard for extraordinary health

Although it looks similar, the green mustard which is often used in a mixture of meatballs, chicken noodles, fried vermicelli, capcay and other dishes is different from white mustard. From its shape, bitter mustard is more like a flower that has not yet bloomed and also a short stem. In …

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7 Benefits of Raw Beans for Body Health

7 benefits of raw beans for body health

Green vegetables are good for health because they contain high nutrients and nutrients. One type of green vegetable is chickpeas. You may already be familiar with this one green vegetable, right? Beans are vegetables that have seeds, long like long beans, although not as long as long beans. This green …

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11 Benefits of Raw Carrots for Body and Health


The benefits of raw carrots are more powerful for health and the nutritional content is still perfect. Carrots are familiar to us as vegetables. We usually use carrots as an ingredient to make soup or other types of food. But not infrequently, many do not like this orange vegetable. Most …

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10 Amazing Benefits of Celery Leaf Juice for Body Health

10 amazing benefits of celery leaf juice for body health

Celery is an additional ingredient that is often found in cooking. Celery is a leaf with a characteristic pleasant smell. Celery leaves can usually be found in processed vegetable soups. Celery can be used starting from the stalk to the leaves. Apart from being a food additive, celery can also …

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10 Benefits of White Pumpkin for Health

10 benefits of white pumpkin for health

White pumpkin is a type of vegetable that thrives in a tropical environment. This pumpkin has a number of health-related benefits, so many have used the benefits of this pumpkin since ancient times. The content contained in this white pumpkin include vitamin C, zinc and iron which are needed by …

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