Two of the world’s last white giraffes killed by poachers



Giraffes are among the most threatened species in the world due to the destruction of their habitat due to human activities and also poaching.

Among them, there are of which there are only a very small number in the world. Unfortunately, their numbers have just dropped as two people, a mother and her 7-month-old baby, have just been discovered dead in a Garissa nature reserve in Kenya after being missing for several months.

According to a press release on Twitter, the two were part of a group of three who lived in the Ishaqbini Hirola Community Conservancy. Therefore, only one individual would remain, one man, still alive in Kenya.

Apart from this family, only one other white giraffe has been seen in Africa, especially in Tanzania, in the Tarangire National Park. However, the animal was last seen in January 2016, suggesting that the male white Kenyan giraffe may be the world’s last survivor.

A poacher hit

According to information provided by park officials, all signs indicate that the two giraffes found dead were killed by poachers. However, they do not know the reason why the criminals attacked these .

In a press release, Conservation Director Mohammed Ahmednoor expressed his deep sadness over the loss of the two giraffes. He said it is a very sad day for the entire community and for Kenya, as the Kenyan community is the only one in the world that can boast of being the guardian of the white giraffe.

As of yet, the identity of the poachers behind the crime is unknown, but an investigation is already underway and the Kenya Wildlife Service is responsible for it.

What is a white giraffe?

Contrary to popular belief, the white giraffe does not have albinism. Its color actually comes from leukism, a phenomenon that causes a partial loss of skin pigmentation. If leukism can be found in many mammals, however, it is very rare in the giraffe.

Thus, in the white giraffe, there is always a production of dark pigments in the cells of its soft tissues, which makes its eyes, as well as the hairs at the height of its tail, always dark.

Either way, all Giraffa’s Reticulated Reticulated Giraffes, whether white or not, are classified as Threatened by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. According to statistics, the number of giraffes living in the wild has halved in the last 30 years. If there were 36,000 individuals 30 years ago, today there would only be about 15,780.



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