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10 Benefits of Radish for Body, Hair and Skin

10 benefits of radish for body hair and skin

Radish is a rooted plant that is rich in water and has a sweet, slightly spicy taste. This radish vegetable has many colors such as white, purple, black and also red with a long and cylindrical or round shape. Radishes can be eaten raw or cooked and processed into pickles. …

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3 Benefits of Peppers for Walnuts Always Chirping


For most people, including you, you must be very familiar with this one type of vegetable. Paprika is one type of vegetable that you can find in various traditional markets to malls. In use it is different if you see benefits of mint leaves for dietPeppers are usually used as …

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Benefits of Broccoli for Acute and Chronic Ulcer Patients

benefits of broccoli for acute and chronic ulcer patients

Who does not know broccoli? This green vegetable that looks like frizzy hair is indeed a favorite of most people. This vegetable is not only delicious to make a variety of dishes, such as soup, stir-fry, fried foods, and so on, it can also be used to mix other dishes …

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6 Benefits of Pare Eel to Maintain Health

6 benefits of pare eel to maintain health 1

The extraordinary benefits of bitter melon must be known well, bitter melon has many types including ulo pare, small bitter gourd, eel pare, and so on. Pare eel is more often referred to as pare krai. This bitter gourd is one type of vegetable that is also commonly found in …

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Benefits of Green Peppers for Diet

benefits of green peppers for diet

Peppers are widely used as a mixture of food ingredients in various types of pizza, stir fry, or salads. Paprika has three types of colors, namely red, green, and yellow. Paprika is a plant from the eggplant family and has a sweet and spicy taste. It turns out that in …

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20 Benefits of Cabbage for Body Health

20 benefits of cabbage for body health

Cabbage or what some Indonesians know as manfaat kol is a type of vegetable that is widely consumed with various preparations. Starting from fresh vegetables, a mixture of gado-gado, bakwan stuffing ingredients, and cooked as a vegetable soup. This vegetable, which has the Latin name Brassica oleracea, is still in …

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Benefits of Fern Vegetables for Health

sayur pakis

Ferns or types of plants that are included in ferns are types of plants that live in groups or clumps and are plants with the type of tracheophyta. Tracheophyta are plants that reproduce using seeds as a means of reproduction. But uniquely, this fern plant turns out to reproduce using …

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12 Benefits Of Eating Vegetables Every Day

12 benefits of eating vegetables every day

Consuming vegetables every day is highly recommended to support a healthy lifestyle, because vegetables contain many nutrients and natural fiber that the body needs to support daily activities to stay vital and avoid various kinds of dangerous diseases. In addition to being healthy, eating vegetables is also beneficial for skin …

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