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12 Benefits of Yakult for Health


Yakult, surely many of you are familiar with one of the prebiotic drinks that have been around since the 90s. Yakult is a health drink made using a fermentation process from sugar and skim milk, resulting in a drink that tastes sour, but sweet and similar to yogurt. Yakult itself …

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15 Benefits of Vitamin B17 for the Body

15 benefits of vitamin b17 for the body

Do you know what vitamin B17 is? Vitamin B17 or often also called amygdaline is one of the vitamins that is believed to prevent cancer. But unfortunately there is no research with explanations and details in depth and detail that this vitamin is able to individually prevent cancer. Currently we …

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11 Benefits of Folic Acid for Health (No.7 Not Realized)

11 benefits of folic acid for health no 7 not realized

Folic acid or commonly called folic acid is one of the vitamins that are beneficial for the body. Folic acid is also included in the group of B complex vitamins, specifically B9. Folic acid is a water-soluble vitamin and is a multifunctional vitamin. The greatest benefit of folic acid in …

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12 Benefits of Folilac Fish Oil for Child Development

12 benefits of folilac fish oil for child development

Fish oil is one of the processed fish products that has many health benefits, especially as an additional supplement because of its very high omega-3 content. However, some fish oil products are certainly not the same because they are produced by different companies with different quality of raw materials. One …

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4 Benefits of Vitamin Calcimega for Pregnant Women

4 benefits of vitamin calcimega for pregnant women

What are calcimega vitamins? Maybe the term calcimega is quite foreign to us the general public who do not understand medicine. However, pregnant women may have heard of or even consumed it because it has been prescribed by a doctor. Vitamin calcimega is indeed widely consumed by pregnant women, but …

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Benefits of Injecting Vitamin C in the Body and Health

benefits of injecting vitamin c in the body and health

Vitamins are one of the micronutrients that exist on earth. Another micronutrient intake is minerals. Source of vitamins is very good in maintaining the immune system. But many people seem to be ignorant of the existence of micronutrients. Apart from that, there are still many people who like the nutritional …

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13 Benefits of Potassium for the Body

13 benefits of potassium for the body

Potassium, surely many of you have heard of one of the alkaline minerals of this soil. Yes, potassium is one of the many minerals contained in some types benefits of fruits, mineral water and also other types of fruit. Potassium itself is a chemical element that has the symbol K …

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6 Benefits of Biotin for the Body

6 benefits of biotin for the body

Biotin is one type of vitamin that is important for health. Biotin, also known as vitamin H, is actually a water-soluble B vitamin. Biotin not only plays a role in the metabolic process of non-carbohydrate carbon substrates or gluconeogenesis which helps the formation of glucose, but is also used as …

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6 Benefits of Lawah Tea for Health

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For most people, you may still be confused by this type of health drink, this one is different if you look at it manfaat tea green now skin, because there are not many people who sell it freely in the market. You can only find this product in some pharmacies …

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11 Benefits of Astria for Health and Beauty

11 benefits of astria for health and beauty

In meeting all the nutritional intake needed by the body, not all of them can be obtained from food. Why is that? Because of our limitations in consuming food and sometimes it is very difficult for us to get certain types of food so that additional supplements are needed to …

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