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5 Benefits of Temulawak for Ulcers that You Must Know

5 benefits of temulawak for ulcers that you must know

Temulawak is a type of plant that has various benefits for maintaining health or beauty. One of the benefits of ginger is that it is used to treat acne as an anti-cholesterol plant, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and is a cancer-preventing plant and various other benefits. In addition to some of these …

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4 Benefits of Eating Raw Kencur Every Day That Not Many Know

4 benefits of eating raw kencur every day that not many know

Health is one of the most valuable assets of the human body that must be maintained at all times. This is because good health can make every activity the body undergoes smoothly and the presence of health problems can cause a person’s productivity to decrease and even certain conditions can …

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Benefits of Lime for Weight Loss

benefits of lime for weight loss

Did you know that taking diet pills is not the only way that can be used to overcome the problem of excess weight? It turns out that there are still many safer and natural ways to overcome this problem, you know, one of which is to use lime. How can …

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19 Benefits of Fatimah Leaves for Body Health

manfaat daun fatimah

Fatimah leaves or Lubisa lined up is one type of grass that is commonly found in Arabia and Malaysia. In Arabia and Malaysia, fatimah leaves have been known for a long time as a type of leaf that is used as a herbal medicine used to treat several types of …

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Benefits of gotu kola leaves for fertility

benefits of gotu kola leaves for fertility

With increasing age, a woman’s fertility will decrease. Age 35 years and over ovulation will decrease, including with other reproduction that will affect pregnancy. In some cases, age is very influential on fertility, due to hormonal imbalances, fertility-related autoimmune, PCOS, and also a very weak uterus. There are several herbal …

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22 Benefits of Muncang for Health and Beauty

22 benefits of muncang for health and beauty

Muncang or commonly known as candlenut is often used as a spice in cooking, but did you know that in candlenut contains oleic acid, linoleic acid, linolenic acid and other ingredients that are very beneficial for health and body beauty. Besides being used as a spice in cooking, candlenut is …

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4 Benefits of Betel Leaf for Ulcer Disease

4 benefits of betel leaf for ulcer disease

Ulcer is a gastric acid disease that is increasingly being suffered by people today. The main factor is none other than an unhealthy lifestyle. Irregularity in eating patterns is usually the main cause of someone getting ulcer disease. The demands of education and work have become a necessity nowadays, but …

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13 Benefits of Betutu Fish for Health

Ikan Betutu

The benefits of betutu fish are still common in the ears of the public, this is because not all areas can find these fish. These fish can only be found in certain waters, not only that, the population is decreasing from time to time. This is because the betutu fish …

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Benefits of Keting Fish for the Body

benefits of keting fish for the body

Keting fish or also known as Lundu fish is a freshwater fish that is often found by anglers in rivers, estuaries, reservoirs, lakes, and even seafront. In addition to keting fish, this fish also has other names, namely kating fish, ndaringan fish, sting fish, senggiringan fish, ririgi fish, kelibere fish, …

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