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Starfruit Benefits For Hypertension (High Blood)

starfruit benefits for hypertension high blood

Hypertension or high blood pressure disease is a condition in which the blood pressure in the clean blood vessels increases. High blood pressure in hypertension can be reduced by means of drugs or without drugs. In general, efforts to reduce high blood pressure without drugs are usually done by consuming …

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5 Benefits of Dragon Fruit for Ulcer Patients

5 benefits of dragon fruit for ulcer patients

The stomach is a very important organ, especially in the digestive process. Every food and drink that enters the mouth, will then be further processed in the stomach before being swallowedtransfer throughout the body via the intestines. Even if the food we eat is not chewed properly in the mouth, …

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16 Benefits of Kupa Fruit for Health

e2d534c0 manfaat buah kupa

Kupa fruit, or often known in Indonesia as gawok fruit, is a type of fruit that belongs to the type of guava. This fruit is usually found in Indonesia and is very easy to find. This gawok fruit is a fruit that has a purple color texture like mangosteen. Gawok …

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20 Benefits of Red Guava for the Body

20 benefits of red guava for the body

Red guava is a plant from the myrtaceae tribe from Southeast Asia. This guava is very fresh and suitable for relieving thirst because it contains a lot of water. In addition, this bright red fruit also has many uses for the body because it contains important nutrients such as citric …

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6 Benefits of White Guava for Body Health

6 benefits of white guava for body health

Eating rujak which contains white guava must taste very good, right? The distinctive taste of white guava will immediately be recognized by the tongue and immediately suitable and comfortable for the stomach. However, this white guava is not only delicious to eat because of its taste, you know but also …

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Benefits of guava for anemia sufferers

benefits of guava for anemia sufferers

Every human being has a different metabolic and immune system in his body. The difference in the performance of the organs of the body is strongly influenced by the quality of food intake and the nutritional value consumed daily by the person. The same is true for people with anemia. …

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12 Benefits of Starfruit Wuluh for Diabetes The Most Powerful

12 benefits of starfruit wuluh for diabetes the most powerful

There are so many deadly diseases in this world and dangerous for the sufferers. One of them is diabetes. There are 2 most common types of diabetes, namely: diabetes inspidus and Mellitus diabetes. Diabetes inspidus is a condition of abnormality due to an imbalance of antidiuretic hormone in the body, …

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32+ Health Benefits of Green Apples (#Tested)

apel hijau

The benefits of green apples are actually very powerful for those of you who are on a diet, want to nourish the eyes and nourish the body. Apples are one of the easiest fruits to find and are loved by many people. Apples are not seasonal fruits that only grow …

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51 Benefits of Pomegranate for Health

51 benefits of pomegranate for health

Maybe many of us do not know the benefits of pomegranate. Pomegranate is one of the fruits that come from the Middle East, which is usually planted on loose soil but not much water. The fruit has three types, there are white, red and green. The benefits of pomegranate are …

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