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6 Benefits of Grated Coconut to Taste Food

6 benefits of grated coconut to taste food

Besides pandan leaf benefits there are also many health benefits of coconut, lately we have encountered many processed coconuts, both processed raw coconut and processed coconut that has been mixed with various other ingredients. There is even a coconut made for drinks, so not only food can be served from …

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4 Benefits of Instant Noodles for the Body

manfaat mie instan

Instant noodles are one type of fast food that has recently been very popular among the public. The presentation process that doesn’t take long and is simple, has a variety of flavors, is filling, and a relatively affordable price makes instant noodles one of the best-selling products on the market. …

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10 Benefits of Boiled Taro for Health

10 benefits of boiled taro for health

Taro is one type of tuber that is quite widely known to the public. Although not as popular as other types of sweet potato, taro has many benefits. Especially for taro that is consumed by boiling it first, more benefits will be obtained. This is because boiled taro contains compounds …

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6 Benefits of White Rice for Bangkok Chicken (Mandatory Tau)

6 benefits of white rice for bangkok chicken mandatory tau

There are many kinds of rice in Indonesia, both white rice, brown rice or black rice which is commonly referred to as Forbidden rice. black rice benefits this is very diverse, especially for the kings. Surely you already know some of the benefits of brown rice for Bangkok chicken. Therefore …

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12 Benefits of Boiled Tofu for Diet and Body

12 benefits of boiled tofu for diet and body

Tofu is a soy-based food. Similar to tempeh, this food is very well known in various circles of society. However, tofu is not authentic Indonesian food. The word “tofu” is an absorption word from the Hokkien language which means “fermented soybean”. The world community is more familiar with tofu as …

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4 Benefits of Eating Rujak for Health

4 benefits of eating rujak for health

salad. Who doesn’t know rujak? This typical Indonesian food is known for its delicacy and freshness because it consists of various kinds of fruit and is accompanied by the sauce that is the hallmark of rujak, which is a sweet spicy sauce that is sometimes accompanied by nuts in it. …

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7 Benefits of Korean Kimchi for Health

7 benefits of korean kimchi for health

Are you a fan of Korean dramas? Or are you a fan of Korean boyband/girlband? Or do you like anything related to Korea? You certainly know kimchi. Yes, this one food is a must for Korean people or Korean fans. Kimchi is a traditional Korean food that is usually used …

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5 Benefits of Seaweed Flour in Life

5 benefits of seaweed flour in life

The benefits of seaweed flour as an additional food product may not be widely known by the public, this is because the processed products are not widely marketed in Indonesia. Flour itself is an alternative raw material as a processed product that can be used in almost all aspects of …

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9 Benefits of Almond Flour for Health

9 benefits of almond flour for health

Almond can refer to plants of the genus Prunus originating from the Middle East, India, and Africa or the seeds of these plants (almonds). Almonds are usually eaten raw, roasted beforehand, or used as additives in foods such as breads, drinks, and cakes. Almonds are foods that have high nutrition. …

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6 Benefits of Soybean Powder for Health

6 benefits of soybean powder for health

Soybean is an important commodity that is increasingly in demand by the public. Soybeans can be processed into flour or milk. Products produced from soybeans have a fairly high protein content and natural fiber elements. Soybeans that are processed into soybean powder can be reprocessed into ingredients for making bread …

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