15 Benefits of Afternoon Running for the Body

Benefits of Afternoon Running for the Body

Benefits of Afternoon Running – There is much debate about which is better between an afternoon run or a morning run. Both afternoons running and morning running have their respective advantages. Still, basically, for dietary purposes, before exercising, it’s better to have a gap of about 2 hours, and you …

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13 Benefits of Zumba Dance For Health – Easy Guide 2022

zumba dance

Benefits of Zumba Dance – Do you like to exercise? You must be familiar with Zumba dance! One of the most popular physical fitness exercises today. The dance, which is a collaboration between hip hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue, mambo, and martial arts, is considered unique. The movements are very …

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6 Benefits of Elderly Gymnastics for Health

6 benefits of elderly gymnastics for health

The benefits of elderly exercise for health are common knowledge. This sport is easy to do and not burdensome especially in the elderly. Elderly exercise activities are very beneficial for the body, especially while maintaining optimal heart function. Gymnastics for the elderly is not only healthy physically but also can …

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12 Health Benefits of Walking – Easy Guide 2022

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The benefits of walking by some people are often underestimated so that not a few people in modern times leave it. Various factors also make people increasingly abandon the habit of walking, namely the number of capital vehicles whose use is increasing. As we know, the booming number of motorized …

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17 Benefits of Squat Jumps for Men and Women

17 benefits of squat jumps for men and women

Are you someone who likes to exercise? If so, of course you are familiar with the term squat. Squats are one type of light exercise that can make your buttocks and abdominal muscles tighter. Because it’s easy to do this movement, squats can be done anywhere and anytime. The benefits …

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9 Benefits of Rafting for Body and Mental Health

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Have you ever tried to do white water rafting? White water rafting is one of the water sports that is included in extreme sports. Although white water rafting is included in the category of extreme sports, it can be done by everyone, including people who have never had rafting experience. …

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15 Benefits of Regular Push Ups

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Push ups are one of the most common exercise movements. All men and women can do push ups. Push ups can be done by anyone and anywhere. This is what makes push ups can be included in the exercise program every day. You can do push ups after waking up …

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9 Benefits of Fitness for Fat Women

9 benefits of fitness for fat women

Women of course always want to look charming, not only in terms of appearance, but also in terms of body shape. Diet is a good solution for those who feel that their bodies are already overweight, but compensate by doing fitness, of course the results will be more expensive. Fitness …

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17 Benefits of Basketball for Physical and Mental

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Sport is an activity that is very beneficial for health and the human body. Not infrequently, exercising has always been a hobby for those who are very concerned about health and body. Of the many types of sports, basketball is a sport that is often an option to do, especially …

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