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12 Benefits of Boiled Tofu for Diet and Body

12 benefits of boiled tofu for diet and body

Tofu is a soy-based food. Similar to tempeh, this food is very well known in various circles of society. However, tofu is not authentic Indonesian food. The word “tofu” is an absorption word from the Hokkien language which means “fermented soybean”. The world community is more familiar with tofu as …

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3 Benefits of Peppers for Walnuts Always Chirping


For most people, including you, you must be very familiar with this one type of vegetable. Paprika is one type of vegetable that you can find in various traditional markets to malls. In use it is different if you see benefits of mint leaves for dietPeppers are usually used as …

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6 Benefits of White Guava for Body Health

6 benefits of white guava for body health

Eating rujak which contains white guava must taste very good, right? The distinctive taste of white guava will immediately be recognized by the tongue and immediately suitable and comfortable for the stomach. However, this white guava is not only delicious to eat because of its taste, you know but also …

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