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10 Benefits of Boiled Taro for Health

10 benefits of boiled taro for health

Taro is one type of tuber that is quite widely known to the public. Although not as popular as other types of sweet potato, taro has many benefits. Especially for taro that is consumed by boiling it first, more benefits will be obtained. This is because boiled taro contains compounds …

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6 Benefits of White Rice for Bangkok Chicken (Mandatory Tau)

6 benefits of white rice for bangkok chicken mandatory tau

There are many kinds of rice in Indonesia, both white rice, brown rice or black rice which is commonly referred to as Forbidden rice. black rice benefits this is very diverse, especially for the kings. Surely you already know some of the benefits of brown rice for Bangkok chicken. Therefore …

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12 Benefits of Boiled Tofu for Diet and Body

12 benefits of boiled tofu for diet and body

Tofu is a soy-based food. Similar to tempeh, this food is very well known in various circles of society. However, tofu is not authentic Indonesian food. The word “tofu” is an absorption word from the Hokkien language which means “fermented soybean”. The world community is more familiar with tofu as …

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