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8 Benefits of Ant Sugar for Body Health

8 benefits of ant sugar for body health

Ant sugar or also known as coconut sugar has distinctive characteristics compared to ordinary white sugar. Ant sugar comes from coconut which is processed to produce natural sugar that is low in calories. Ant sugar has several advantages including being more soluble in water because of the little water content …

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14 Benefits of Kaffir lime leaves for skin and internal diseases

14 benefits of kaffir lime leaves for skin and internal diseases

Kaffir lime which in English is called kaffir lime is a small tree or shrub with a distinctive leaf shape, namely two leaves arranged vertically because of the curved edges, thick size and smooth surface texture. There are many parts that can be used from this plant such as the …

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5 Benefits of Red Binahong on Health

5 benefits of red binahong on health

Indonesia is a country that is very rich in biodiversity, including its herbal plants. It can no longer be counted how many plants can be used as herbal medicine. One of them is binahong leaves. Are you unfamiliar with the name binahong leaves? That’s probably because you know it by …

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