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6 Benefits of Grated Coconut to Taste Food

6 benefits of grated coconut to taste food

Besides pandan leaf benefits there are also many health benefits of coconut, lately we have encountered many processed coconuts, both processed raw coconut and processed coconut that has been mixed with various other ingredients. There is even a coconut made for drinks, so not only food can be served from …

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4 Benefits of Instant Noodles for the Body

manfaat mie instan

Instant noodles are one type of fast food that has recently been very popular among the public. The presentation process that doesn’t take long and is simple, has a variety of flavors, is filling, and a relatively affordable price makes instant noodles one of the best-selling products on the market. …

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10 Benefits of Radish for Body, Hair and Skin

10 benefits of radish for body hair and skin

Radish is a rooted plant that is rich in water and has a sweet, slightly spicy taste. This radish vegetable has many colors such as white, purple, black and also red with a long and cylindrical or round shape. Radishes can be eaten raw or cooked and processed into pickles. …

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