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Benefits of Green Peppers for Diet

benefits of green peppers for diet

Peppers are widely used as a mixture of food ingredients in various types of pizza, stir fry, or salads. Paprika has three types of colors, namely red, green, and yellow. Paprika is a plant from the eggplant family and has a sweet and spicy taste. It turns out that in …

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Benefits of guava for anemia sufferers

benefits of guava for anemia sufferers

Every human being has a different metabolic and immune system in his body. The difference in the performance of the organs of the body is strongly influenced by the quality of food intake and the nutritional value consumed daily by the person. The same is true for people with anemia. …

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12 Benefits of Starfruit Wuluh for Diabetes The Most Powerful

12 benefits of starfruit wuluh for diabetes the most powerful

There are so many deadly diseases in this world and dangerous for the sufferers. One of them is diabetes. There are 2 most common types of diabetes, namely: diabetes inspidus and Mellitus diabetes. Diabetes inspidus is a condition of abnormality due to an imbalance of antidiuretic hormone in the body, …

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