13 Benefits of Nu Skin Green Tea for Skin Health and Beauty

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For those of you fans of different health products if you look at the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, definitely know with this one product. Although the name is similar to a beverage product, Green Tea Nu Skin is one of the health supplement products that are currently sought after …

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6 Benefits of Zinc for the Body

6 benefits of zinc for the body

Zinc or often referred to as zinc is one of the important substances that the body needs to support growth. This substance is good for maintaining healthy hair, skin, muscles and various other organs of the human body. In addition, zinc is also a basic ingredient for making collagen in …

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32 Benefits of Green Beans for Health and Pregnant Women

manfaat kacang hijau

The benefits of green beans provide healthy food intake for the body. Many kinds of nuts that exist put green beans into one of the beans with substances that are very good for health. Green beans are usually made porridge for consumption or made ice which is very refreshing. For …

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7 Benefits of Lacto B in Children and Toddlers

7 benefits of lacto b in children and toddlers

Every mother wants her baby to always be healthy and grow well. Every mother will definitely feel responsible when her baby suddenly gets any disease. The mother will definitely try to cure her child with various efforts. One of the diseases that most often attacks toddlers is diarrhea. This disease …

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13 Benefits of Glucola for Health – Skin

manfaat glucola

Glucola is a supplement product that is quite well known among the people of Indonesia. Glucola is a supplement produced by PT. MCI, which is a producer of another product, namely nano spray. Glucola Raw Material Glucola is a type of body health supplement made from a variety of main …

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14 Benefits of Pantothenic Acid –

14 benefits of pantothenic acid benefit co id

The body requires various substances, not just one or two substances, but very many substances needed by the body, one of which is pantothenic acid. Pantothenic acid is another name for one of the B complex vitamins, namely vitamin B5. Pantothenic acid has properties that are easily soluble in water …

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16 Benefits of Sodium for the Body

16 benefits of sodium for the body

Sodium or more often called sodium is one type of important mineral in the body. Produced naturally and also contained in almost most foods including food seasoning, namely salt. Sodium is one of the nutrients needed to maintain the health of human organs. Sodium can also be assessed as a …

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7 Benefits of Iron for Teenagers Both Men and Women

Benefits of Iron for Teenagers Both Men and Women

Benefits of Iron for Teenagers – Iron is an essential nutrient of many proteins and enzymes in metabolism. Iron helps send oxygen, energy metabolism, antioxidant function, and DNA synthesis throughout the body. Adolescence is a period of transition from children to adults so that the need for nutrients increases sharply, …

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10 Benefits of Xylitol for Teeth

Benefits of Xylitol

Xylitol is a natural sweetener obtained from plant parts. This substance can help maintain the pH level in the mouth. Xylitol also prevents bacteria in the teeth. This can protect the teeth from decay. With these benefits for the teeth, acid attacks will stop. Most people don’t care about this …

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10 Benefits of Caffeine for Health

Benefits of Caffeine for Health

Caffeine is a substance in some plants such as coffee beans, tea, cocoa, or cocoa. Caffeine is a xanthine alkaloid compound with a crystalline form and a bitter taste. The caffeine content contained in a plant is usually different. For example, the caffeine content in robusta coffee will be higher …

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