12 Benefits of Lemuru Fish Rich in Nutrients

12 benefits of lemuru fish rich in nutrients

Some time ago, there was an article circulating that lemuru fish was one of the favorite breakfast menus for Mrs. Susi Pudjiastuti, who previously served as Minister of Fisheries and Marine Affairs. Therefore, many people began to wonder whether there are benefits or benefits of lemuru fish for health so …

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12 Benefits of Salted Fish for Health

manfaat ikan asin

Maybe many of us underestimate this type of Indonesian processed fish food. Salted fish is sometimes underestimated, because the impression is only as a side dish for the poor. But who would have thought, there are also several types of salted fish whose prices are not friendly to the lower …

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10 Benefits of Python Meat

manfaat daging ular sanca

Benefits of Python Meat – Python, hearing that word alone, you will think that the animal is dangerous. The reason is that pythons are known as predatory animals that wrap around their victims first before swallowing them raw. In addition, pythons also have sharp teeth, which can tear the skin …

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10 Benefits of Chicken Feet for Health

ceker ayam

Food from chicken feet, may make you feel disgusted. Chicken feet, as the name suggests, are the legs of the chicken. If we look at the shape, it will describe a dirty chicken environment and maybe the chicken part contains a lot of germs or bacteria. But in some areas …

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11 Benefits of Quail for Body Health

11 benefits of quail for body health

Quail is a type of bird that has a small size like chicks and cannot fly too high like birds in general. Quail meat is widely sold in the market for public consumption. Birds that have a Latin name cortunix This is usually consumed meat and eggs. Quail is widely …

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13 Benefits of Goldfish for the Health of the Human Body

manfaat ikan mas

Carp (Cyprinus carpio) is one type of fish that is quite popular in Indonesia. With beautiful curves and an economical price, it adds a plus to this fish. Although classified as not native to Indonesia, Goldfish is considered quite easy to cultivate. Nutritional Content in Goldfish The main content of …

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16 Benefits of Grouse Meat for Body Health

16 benefits of grouse meat for body health

The grouse is a type of bird that lives in China and India. Usually grouse in Indonesia is famous for its egret or meliwis. The grouse is not stable because the grouse usually moves from one place to another. the bird on the bus is one of the birds that …

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6 Benefits of Snail Meat for Health

daging bekicot

The benefits of snail meat may be a very heated debate in various countries, because these animals are not commonly eaten. Snails can also be called snails or snails. Many also call the snail a tutut. Although physically different in shape, they all come from the mollusk family, and both …

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7 Benefits of Baronang Fish for Health

7 benefits of baronang fish for health

Baronang fish belong to the siganiade family and many breed in Indonesia. This baronang fish is often found in the thousand islands with other names. This baronang fish has characteristics with a body length of about 20 centimeters. The mouth of this baronang fish is small and has a small …

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20 Benefits of Skipjack Fish for the Body

20 benefits of skipjack fish for the body

The benefits of skipjack tuna for the body are very good for development, immunity, and the prevention of various types of diseases. Skipjack tuna is a fish that is still the same type as tuna and tuna. This type of fish is famous for its thick flesh and sweet taste. …

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