Benefits of Soursop Leaves for Male and Female Fertility

benefits of soursop leaves for male and female fertility

Pregnancy is a moment most awaited by a husband and wife in this world. but sometimes there are some couples who can’t get it fast unlike other couples. to be able to get a pregnancy sometimes you have to work harder and longer not in a reasonable time. There are …

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Benefits of Noni for Hypertension (High Blood)

benefits of noni for hypertension high blood

Noni for hypertension, is it possible? Hypertension is a disease characterized by high blood pressure. A person is said to have hypertension when his blood pressure shows a number > 140/90 mm Hg. Uncontrolled hypertension conditions can increase the workload of the heart which results in enlargement of the heart …

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32 Benefits of Galangal for Health and Beauty


Galangal is widely used by the people of Indonesia as a basic spice for various kinds of Indonesian cuisine. Such as, complementary seasoning for processed meat, vegetables and fish. Galangal is a spice plant that belongs to the alpina genus. This plant originating from Thailand in the Middle East is …

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8 Benefits of Turmeric Acid During Menstruation Are Safe

8 benefits of turmeric acid during menstruation are safe

Although there has been no further research, consuming turmeric asan during menstruation can help reduce menstrual pain and other benefits. Even so that turmeric has various benefits for someone who is experiencing menstruation but in reality one should not consume more than 500 mg of turmeric per day. If a …

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79 Benefits of Turmeric for Health

manfaat kunyit

Turmeric is one of the most abundant spices in Indonesia, and not even a few make it a traditional herb. No wonder because the benefits of this plant / spice are not only for cooking but also for health. The benefits of turmeric, among others, that are most often known …

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Benefits of African Leaves for Stomach Acid: Content & Benefits

benefits of african leaves for stomach acid content benefits

The digestive system is a complex process involving many structures, stomach acids, and various enzymes present in the mouth. One of the important substances involved in digestion is hydrochloric acid, otherwise known as gastric acid. Without stomach acid, digestion and absorption of nutrients is impossible. One of the herbal ingredients …

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Benefits of Papaya Leaves for Diabetes (Diabetes)

benefits of papaya leaves for diabetes diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that can affect anyone. The disease which is often referred to as diabetes is not only suffered by the elderly, but people at a younger age can also be at risk of developing this disease. Diabetes itself is a disease of increasing blood sugar levels due …

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17 Benefits of Shallots for Babies and Toddlers

17 benefits of shallots for babies and toddlers

Shallots, who is not familiar with this type of onion, shallots are certainly a famous onion because these onions are very often used as a kitchen spice, besides garlic which is also rich in benefits, red onions also have very good benefits. abundant, not only beneficial for adults, but red …

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Benefits of Turmeric for 2 Years Old

benefits of turmeric for 2 years old

For the people of Indonesia, turmeric is not only often used as a spice in cooking but has also been used for a long time as a herbal medicine because of the beneficial content in it which is very effective in curing various diseases. Not only is it good to …

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