Giant animals take advantage of containment to invade St. Petersburg



Since some 4 billion human beings are confined around the world, nature is taking advantage of this to regain its rights. Flowers grow back and reappear on our streets. Even if it’s a bit creepy at times, like these giant “seen” in St. Petersburg …

The silver lining of containment

With more than 2 million confirmed cases worldwide to date and more than 170,000 deaths, the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic is a true tragedy.

Some people try, however, (rightly) to see some positives. Among them, experts noted a drastic drop in pollution (especially with nitrogen dioxide). The report is unforgiving from space, but also in Asia, where the sky hadn’t been this blue in China or India for decades.

In the four corners of the planet, nature seems to regain its rights. At the beginning of this spring, the flowers and trees come to life in the most specific areas. Even the manage to find their account there, with wild boars seen in the heart of Barcelona, ​​ducks in Paris, or even coyotes in San Francisco. It is this last phenomenon that inspired the Russian artist Vadim Solovyev.

Vadim Solovyev’s Giant

Vadim Solovyev presents himself on his Instagram account as a “xeno-urban planner”. In a simpler way, we can especially describe this man as a visual artist, who makes quite confusing videos and photos.

More than 29,000 people follow this atypical creator today. His peculiarity: exhibiting large animals on the streets of his city. This is how large pigeons can be seen staring at passersby in St. Petersburg. XXL insects, sharks and even polar bears have also been seen in this urban environment. We already knew the giant that replaced the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park, but here the result is much scarier.

If you didn’t wait for confinement to indulge in this exercise, Vadim Solovyev’s work has enjoyed increasing success in recent weeks. Particularly through his impressive photo of a raccoon soaking his legs in the Neva river (with a haunting octopus in the background) …

Beyond the visual aspect, Vadim Solovyev tries to explain each of these creations on social networks. An additional way to better understand their work … and to understand what these giant animals are doing out of nowhere!



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