16 Benefits of Satsuma Oranges for Tested Health

jeruk satsuma

Satsuma orange comes from Japan, this orange is also a type of mandarin orange. The efficacy of satsuma oranges is not inferior to the properties of other citrus fruits. The characteristic of this satsuma orange is that it has a small size and does not have seeds. For those of …

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9 Benefits of Boiled Beets for Diet and Body Health

9 benefits of boiled beets for diet and body health

Beetroot is a type of tuber that is shaped like a potato plant. This reddish-purple fruit comes from the plant family Amaranthaceae Chenopodiaceae. This means that beets are still in the same family as turnips and other root vegetables. African people thousands of years ago first consumed beets. Spread to …

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6 Benefits of Dewa Ndaru Fruit for Health


God’s Fruit Ndaru or better known as Ciremai London It is small in size but has great properties. The benefits given by the Dewa Naru fruit are not half-hearted, namely to prevent oxidative damage caused by free radicals that are not able to be overcome by antioxidants in the body. …

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9 Benefits of Red Klutuk Guava for Health

9 benefits of red klutuk guava for health

Jambu Kluthuk (Psidium Guava) is a plant from Brazil that has green fruit with white or red flesh. Fruit with other names guava, guava siki and guava has a sweet-sour taste. Several guava cultivars in Indonesia have been known for a long time or come from other countries, namely: Taiwan …

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20 Benefits of Green Coconut Water for Health

air kelapa hijau

Who does not know coconut, coconut has the Latin name Cocos Nucifera. Coconut is a type of plant that belongs to the areca nut family (Arecaceae). Coconut plants are often found on the coast, while coconuts are now very easy to find anywhere. There are quite a lot of fans …

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16 Benefits of Black Plums for Weight Loss Diet

16 benefits of black plums for weight loss diet

The ideal body shape is a dream for everyone, diet programs are often carried out to achieve the goal of reducing weight to reach the ideal body weight. There are many ways to do a diet program other than exercise, namely maintaining a diet and choosing appropriate foods, one of …

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15 Benefits of Guava Dersono for Health and Beauty

jambu dersono

Guava dersono may sound foreign to some people, but if it is called guava bol, many people know it. This red or dark red guava is known by different names in some areas, such as in Minangkabau this guava is called jambu jambak. In addition to its attractive color, guava …

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8 Benefits of Eating Bananas Before Sleeping for the Body

8 benefits of eating bananas before sleeping for the body

Usually, we really, really avoid eating before bed because this will have an unfavorable impact on our bodies such as increasing weight. But who would have thought that the consumption of certain types of fruit before bed can actually provide many benefits for our bodies. One of the best fruits …

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11 Benefits of Cempedak Fruit for Health

buah cempedak

Who loves fruit with this strong aroma? Cempedak fruit at first glance is the same as the jackfruit. Where the skin is small green thorns and the flesh is bright yellow. The aromas of Cempedak and Jackfruit are both strong, but Cempedak is the winner. Many say the aroma of …

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16 Benefits of Red Grapes for Body Health

16 benefits of red grapes for body health

Red wine is one of the most famous and phenomenal types of wine. Red wine itself is not much different from other types of wine such as green grapes, but because of its beautiful color, it is widely used in various types of food, especially desserts as a decoration. These …

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