10 Benefits of Oats for Skin Health and Beauty

manfaat oat

What’s for breakfast today? Does today’s breakfast contain a lot of nutrients? Yep, this time I will talk about the topic of Oats. Surely you already know what Oat is? Yes, Oats are a high-fiber food ingredient that comes from wheat, which is very useful for lowering cholesterol levels. Oats …

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17 Benefits of Yellow Sweet Potatoes for Beauty and Health

57589da1 manisnya nutrisi di dalam manfaat ubi jalar

Most Indonesian people are familiar with this one different food ingredient if you look at it, white sweet potato benefits, especially for those who like sweet potatoes. Yellow sweet potato or usually known as sweet potato and in some areas, also known as sweet potato. Yellow sweet potato itself is …

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4 Surprising Benefits of Wheat Bread for Diet

4 surprising benefits of wheat bread for diet

Who doesn’t know wheat bread? Bread, which is easily recognizable because of its brown color, is one of the foods that people usually choose because doing a diet with this one food is not difficult or does not make us suffer. A healthy diet that is not torturing and we …

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7 Benefits of Petai for High Cholesterol as well as Healthy Food

7 benefits of petai for high cholesterol as well as healthy food

Benefits of Pete which has a pungent smell is very often consumed by Indonesians as fresh vegetables and other food mixtures which for some people are very delicious even though the smell is quite sharp. But apparently, this petai also has many uses for the body, especially for cholesterol. Petai …

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14 Benefits of Rice Bran for Body Health

14 benefits of rice bran for body health

What comes to mind when we hear the word bran? Bran, rancid smell, musty rice waste, fodder, dirty. Most people equate bran with bran. In fact, rice bran and bran are different. Bran is the first rice milling/pulverizing waste. Meanwhile, rice bran is the remainder of the second pounding/milling of …

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7 Benefits of Flaxseed for Health


Flaxseed is a healthy food that comes from the flax plant or Linum usitatissimum. The flax plant was used not only as a source of food and a source of linen, but also material for the manufacture of sailing ships, arrows and body armor. Flaxseed itself in some countries is …

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15 Benefits of High Fiber Boiled Potato Skin

15 benefits of high fiber boiled potato skin

The habit of Indonesian people is to peel potatoes before they are processed into food. This is because the potatoes which are usually sold in traditional markets have very dirty skin and are full of soil, so it is a practical way to process them to get potato benefits for …

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Benefits of Kolang Kaling (No. 5 Makes Shock)


The benefits of kolang kaling are quite surprising for human health, from digestion to the high nutritional content that makes this fruit a super fruit. This fruit is often dried and made into a delicious snack mixed with various ices. Such as mixed ice, ice compote and so on. His …

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