Elephants get drunk in a desert corn wine field in China



In this expanding period of the Covid-19 pandemic, where many people are confined to their homes, have found more and more freedom. In China, elephants have taken advantage of the lack of human activity to camp in a corn-wine field for a good time.

When humans are confined to their homes, are outside and take advantage of places abandoned by men. The Covid-19 pandemic, in some cases, has returned power to nature. The waters have recovered their purity, the pollution has diminished and the have recovered the air taking walks without great risk.

In Yuan province, China, a group of elephants walking in search of food found themselves in the middle of a field of corn wine. A total of 14 elephants descended on the corn wine fields where there were 30 kilos of alcohol already ready for consumption. Seeing the images, reported by South African travel site Getaway Magazine, the pachyderms had time to vent and get drunk in the fields before collapsing into a nearby tea field in blessed air.

No one has figured out where the photos of the drunken elephant came from, but a Chinese news report debunked the viral posts: …

Posted by Epicalyptic on Wednesday March 18, 2020

Unfortunately, the grace period will soon be over for these Chinese pachyderms. Because on March 18, the Chinese authorities announced that no local Covid-19 contamination had been detected. A first since the start of the pandemic in this Asian country, the epicenter of the coronavirus.

in China have a keen interest in shopping in cities that are still deserted before the return of humans.



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