Amal Clooney is bringing the oversized bag trend back


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The other day, I made direct eye contact with a small bag in a store that was slightly larger than my credit card and significantly smaller than my iPhone. My two friends who were with me immediately tried to convince me not to, but when the store owner offered a 40 percent discount, I had to get it. Small, small and impractical mini bags they are my weakness. I can’t help it.

Naturally, Ashley Olsen has been interested in large handbags for years, just as Mary-Kate and she have never given up on oversized sunglasses or trench coats, all of which were right up there in 2015. Early in the pandemic, Olsen was discovered with the infamous The Row Crocodile Backpack $ 39,000. It seemed to fit in with his entire life, with a laptop sticking out and a charging cable dragging the ground. And while the internet was obsessed with how she essentially put down a down payment on a house on the sidewalk in New York City, I was focused on how practical it was. But that’s the appeal of a great bag – it makes sense. Fortunately, you don’t need $ 39,000 to buy one.

Clooney’s largest bag is actually a Roger Vivier Pilgrim De Jour Bag that you can buy secondhand for around $ 1,000. The silhouette, however, is not that different from the many large wallets you’ll find at Nordstrom, such as the Kate Spade Knott bag, which is on sale right now for less than $ 200. Even cheaper is Aldo’s padded wallet, which seems much more expensive than it is to only $ 60.

Of course, if you want to go ahead and unleash your inner Amal Clooney, as we all should, there are some more expensive options as well. The Marc Jacobs Director’s Bag costs less than $ 500 and is more affordable for oversized designer bags. the Tory Burch Radziwill Wallet It’s like a less expensive Birkin, but just as timeless, for $ 698. And the $ 1,300 Mulberry Alexa bag, has the name of the Alexa Chung, it looks like a bag has a British accent. That’s how elegant it is.

The thing is, oversized bags make such a big statement that you can’t go wrong. And while I have recently folded my small bags with my last purchase, after this sighting of large bags from Clooney, I can’t help but keep looking at every large bag I see. And I can guarantee that no one can dissuade me from that.

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