A dog sympathizes with a Street View photographer and shoots dozens of shots



It is not uncommon to see dogs chatting on Google Street View. On the other hand, it is rarer to see these same dogs embedded in dozens and dozens of photos.

When someone found this Google Street View shot, joy filled my heart. So to tell you that when I learned that a dog had literally photobombed an entire course on a Street View site, I had a spasm.

This incredible epic took place in Ulleung-gun, Gyeongbuk province, South Korea, reports BoredPanda. On a mission to provide new images to Daum’s local map site, and not Google Street View as we have read on other news sites, a photographer was followed by a gorgeous Golden retriever.

I see you, you smart little Web, to tell you that these are just fake dog images to which we have added fake directional arrows.

Well, no, this magic moment has arrived, and you can see for yourself by doing this: type “울릉도 죽도 길” in the search bar of the daum.net site. Then click on the link marked in red below:

Once on the map, head to the north of the island and click on the little “Camera” icon to the right of the menu. There you go!



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