5 Things You May Not Know About Queen Elizabeth II

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1. You do not have a passport.

Elizabeth gets on a plane in 1969.
Smith Ellen-Pool / Getty Images

Despite being the most traveled head of state in history (she reportedly visited 116 nations during her rule), Elizabeth has no ID. Since all British visas are issued in the sovereign’s name, she doesn’t need to bother with one herself. He also does not require a driver’s license, however, he has been known to take walks around his different houses in his Range Rover.

2. He has two different birthdays.

Baby Elizabeth is in her mother’s arms in May 1926.
Speaight / Hulton Archive / Getty Images

The authoritarian British ruler was conceived by Elizabeth Alexandra Mary of York on April 21, 1926. Be that as it may, all Commonwealth nations often praise his birthday on an assigned day in May or June. In the UK, for example, it falls on the main Saturday, second or third Saturday in June. England has formally marked the birthday of its sovereign since 1748, when the occasion coincided with the service and the annual “Trooping the Color” march. Elizabeth spends her genuine birthday taking advantage of private celebrations with her family.



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