19 Benefits of Fatimah Leaves for Body Health

manfaat daun fatimahFatimah leaves or Lubisa lined up is one type of grass that is commonly found in Arabia and Malaysia. In Arabia and Malaysia, fatimah leaves have been known for a long time as a type of leaf that is used as a herbal medicine used to treat several types of diseases, especially diseases experienced by women. Although not very well known in Indonesia, fatimah leaves have also started circulating in Indonesia. Fatimah leaves contain several compounds that make fatimah leaves trusted as herbal medicinal plants to treat several types of diseases.

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Content of Fatimah Leaf Compounds

For those who have never known fatimah leaves, fatimah leaves have a long curved shape and have a pointed tip. Almost the same as kale leaves, only fatimah leaves have a slimmer shape. Inside the slender leaves, there are several content in fatimah leaves such as calcium, minerals, oxygen, and several other compounds. In general, fatimah leaves can overcome several health problems, but are better known as herbal medicines for women.

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Benefits of Fatimah Leaves

This type of plant that is found in Arabia and Malaysia is widely used for herbal medicine. Some of the benefits of fatimah leaves for health include:

  1. Overcoming Diarrhea

Overcoming diarrhea not only with young guava leaves. Several other types of leaves such as fatimah leaves also have content in them that is able to overcome diarrhea.

  1. Lose Belly Fat

Belly fat can interfere with appearance and also interfere with the digestive system due to fat deposits. Getting rid of fat in a distended stomach can be helped by fatimah leaves, so that a distended stomach can be lost.

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  1. Preventing Uterine Cancer

The content in fatimah leaves can help prevent cancer in the uterus. The content in fatimah leaves can prevent the entry of cancer cells in the uterus.

  1. Cleaning Dirty Blood

Fatimah leaves can help kidney function. The content in fatimah leaves removes impurities in the blood, out of the body so that the blood that flows is clean blood.

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  1. Strengthen bones

Although it only has a small amount of calcium in it, the content of kaisum in fatimah leaves can help strengthen bones.

Fatimah Leaves For Women

In addition to the benefits of fatimah leaves for general health, fatimah leaves are also very well known to be able to overcome several health problems specifically for women, including for female reproduction and also beauty:

  1. Maintain Estrogen Hormone Balance

A woman’s body goes through many phases, which really must be kept in balance with hormones in it. Like when you are pregnant, the hormone estrogen in women is not balanced. Balancing the hormone estrogen in female reproduction can be helped with fatimah leaves. Fatimah leaves are believed to help the production of the hormone estrogen.

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  1. Clean the female organs

The content of natural compounds in fatimah leaves can help balance the pH in the female area. The normal pH of the vaginal area can help prevent bacteria from growing in the female area and make the female organs clean.

  1. Keeping the Mood During Menstruation

When menstruating, women will become moody and experiencing PMS or premenstrual syndrome. PMS can sometimes cause weakness, fever, dizziness, and emotional distress. Overcoming PMS can be done by drinking water soaked in fatimah leaves. That way, mood and health during menstruation can be maintained.

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  1. Stabilizes Menstrual Cycle

Menstruation experienced by a woman is sometimes less stable cycle, caused by many factors. Re-stabilizing the menstrual cycle can be done by using fatimah leaves.

  1. Reducing Menstrual Pain

The content in fatimah leaves can help reduce pain during menstruation. Lack of blood circulation can cause the lower abdomen and waist to become painful, and the body is powerless. Compounds in fatimah leaves can help normalize hormonal changes that occur during menstruation. So that blood flow can be smooth and avoid menstrual pain.

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  1. Speed ​​up the Labor Process

Normal delivery requires preparation and a fit mother’s body. Drinking water soaked in fatimah leaves before giving birth normally can help speed up contractions so that it can help speed up the labor process.

  1. Speeds Up Postpartum Recovery

Not only is it useful for speeding up the labor process, drinking water immersion from fatimah leaves can help determine the condition of the body after giving birth.

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  1. Overcoming Leucorrhoea

The number of bacteria that thrive in the female organs can cause vaginal discharge. Vaginal discharge will cause itching and reproductive organs also become unhealthy. In addition to using anti-leucorrhoea drugs, vaginal discharge can also be treated with fatimah leaves.

  1. Eliminates Unpleasant Odor

Bacteria can easily grow in the female organs. In addition to maintaining cleanliness, utilizing fatimah leaves can also be used to eliminate unpleasant odors in the female organs caused by the development of bacteria.

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  1. Preventing the Appearance of Premature Aging

In addition to using beauty products, having youthful skin and preventing premature aging can be done with natural treatments, namely with fatimah leaves. The content in fatimah leaves can prevent aging on the face.

  1. Brighten Face

Wanting a bright face without cosmetics can be done by using fatimah leaves. The content of compounds in fatimah leaves can help brighten facial skin.

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  1. Overcoming Acne Problems

Acne is very disturbing appearance and also annoying when using cream or powder. Preventing the appearance of acne can be done by using fatimah leaves.

  1. Disguise Wrinkles on the Face

Wrinkles on the face can cause the face to look older. In addition to cream to disguise wrinkles, wrinkles on facial skin can also be disguised with fatimah leaves.

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  1. Skin Tightening

Skin firmness also needs to be maintained so that wrinkles do not occur. As well as disguise wrinkles on the face, fatimah leaves can also be used to maintain skin firmness.

Fatimah leaves have many benefits, especially for women. How to use fatimah leaves is quite easy, which is just enough to be soaked in hot water for a few moments. The content of compounds in fatimah leaves can come out in the water used for soaking it. Some of these ingredients are very useful for drinking and used as medicine for several types of diseases.

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