3 Benefits of Herbal Medicine from Duck Eggs

Types of herbs can be obtained from various sources, perhaps the ones that are not foreign to us are turmeric tamarind herbs, rice kencur herbs and bitter herbs. Because in fact these materials are very often used for herbal medicine. But did you know that herbal medicine can also be made from eggs? Yep, duck eggs to be exact.

Duck is one of the poultry that breeds by laying eggs, besides duck eggs are kept for hatching to become new seeds, duck eggs are usually used to make salted eggs, or often called pickled.

It doesn’t stop there, basically these eggs are widely used to make herbs or even to mix herbs. This is because duck eggs contain unexpected benefits that are good for maintaining a healthy body. For this reason, at this time we will discuss the benefits of duck eggs for health. The benefits include:

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1. Increase Men’s Passion in love

For a husband and wife, of course a man’s passion is needed to create a beautiful sense of love. If one of these passions is not passionate, love will taste bland, like food without salt.

For that, for you men who want to make love, take advantage of this duck egg to increase your energy. Basically duck eggs contain vitamin B12 which can increase energy and also vitamin D and sodium. Male passion is usually related to male vitality, so you can take advantage of it Viagra leaf benefits and the benefits of young brown to maintain male vitality.

2. Increase endurance

Duck egg is believed to increase the endurance of men. Especially those who are hard workers. Basically the immune system that is enhanced by duck eggs is not only during sex, but also during activities. Therefore, as a good wife, you should be able to make duck egg herbs for your partner. In addition to herbal medicine, endurance can be increased by diligently exercising sport benefits for health and also don’t forget to consume juaro fish, because juaro fish also have the benefits of juaro fish to maintain immunity.

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3. Prevent from premature ejaculation

The occurrence of premature ejaculation is certainly not good, so to prevent premature ejaculation a man must consume duck egg herbal medicine. This duck egg herb certainly tastes better than you just eat the duck eggs. For that, making duck eggs as jmau mixed with various other herbal ingredients is true. extra for you, know that too the benefits of basil leaves for premature ejaculation

3 Benefits of duck egg herbal medicine that you can know from this article. Apart from knowing the benefits of this article, how about knowing how to make this duck egg herbal medicine so that the benefits are not lost.

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Here are the steps on how to make Duck Egg Herbal

First : Prepare the tools and materials needed including duck eggs, honey, soy sauce, and glass.

Second : Put the eggs into the glass or container that has been provided and stir until evenly distributed

Third : Mix the honey with the egg mixture that has been flattened

Fourth : If it is still necessary, then add a little soy sauce to the mixture

Fifth : When it is finished, shake the herbs until they are foamy

Sixth : Drink the concoction in the afternoon or in the morning. Consume regularly for a week then you will immediately feel the benefits.

Done, those are the six steps that you can get from making chicken egg herbal medicine that you can apply every day. It’s quite easy to cook in making salted egg herbal medicine..

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