10 Benefits of Honey Honeycomb for Body Health

When it comes to honey bees, there must be a few things that come to mind. Between the painful and swollen bee sting or the sweet and very nutritious honey. Basically, bees are animals that are useful both in producing honey and are also often used for bee therapy.

But not just a lot bee sting therapy benefits and honey for health, it turns out that beehives also have enormous benefits. Well, this article will discuss the benefits of honey bee hives for the health of the body. Check out the discussion below.

The contents of the honeycomb

In some areas, honeycomb is often processed and consumed into a delicious porridge. Honeycomb contains the main content, namely propolis as well as other ingredients such as vitamins (A, B complex, C, D and E), bioflavonoids, glucose, iron, biotin and other nutritional content. Where some of these contents indicate that this beehive has benefits that are no less great than honey benefits for body health.

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The benefits of honey bee hives for health

After knowing the content above, below are some of the benefits of honey bee hives for the health of the body:

  • Being a high source of antioxidants, so it can help the body in warding off free radicals and neutralize them, which free radicals can cause health problems and premature aging.
  • Has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties so that it can prevent the body from being attacked by bacterial, viral and fungal infections that can cause diseases such as typhoid, influenza, herpes or others.
  • With the two benefits described above, the properties of honey bee hives can indirectly increase the body’s resistance and can also restore the immune system when it weakens.
  • As is the case with Benefits of Gamat JellyThe nutrients in honey bee hives can overcome the production of prostaglandins, which are hormones that cause inflammation.
  • The content of propolis in it can increase the regeneration of liver cells, as well as increase the immune system which can eat dead liver cells to suppress the formation of scar tissue or connective tissue.
  • Decreased insulin levels can increase the increase in blood sugar in the body, while the propolis content in honey bee hives can trigger the pancreas to produce insulin to stabilize blood sugar levels.
  • Beside benefits of bees for humans can be used as therapy, propolis contained in honey bee hives can overcome digestive disorders, because propolis is sensitive to pyloric compounds that can cause disorders such as ulcers or other digestive disorders
  • Propolis is one of the important substances in healing chronic respiratory diseases, such as tuberculosis or asthma because it can protect the lungs and can suppress the production of histamine in the body.
  • The content of vitamins and bioflavonoids in honey bee hives has benefits such as: the benefits of brotowali for traditional medicine and healthnamely to accelerate wound healing by triggering the formation of new tissue.
  • Propolis substances and various nutritional content in honey bee hives can maintain health while increasing the work of the heart, so that the heart can avoid disease and can pump blood throughout the body properly.
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Thus a discussion of some of the benefits of honey bee hives for health. Hope it is useful.

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