15 Benefits of Temu Putih for Women – Menstruation – Cysts

Indonesia is known as a country rich in spices. There is not only one type of spice, but hundreds of types that you can find. The benefits of spices are mainly used as a taste enhancer, but it turns out that spices are also nutritious for health. Many types of spices that have been tested and used. For example ginger benefits, galangal benefitsand the benefits of white supremacy that we discuss in this article.

White Meeting Content

the benefits of white meetingNutrients in white turmeric are not macro-molecular substances that the body needs such as protein, fat, or carbohydrates. But the nutrients help the body to strengthen the immune system, anti-virus, antioxidant or anti-inflammatory substances. The content of the substance is more instrumental in preventing disease and reducing swelling. Suitable for those who often do strenuous activities. The distinctive properties of spices also warm the body.

Lots of content in white meeting. Namely essential oils, curcumin, demethoxycurcumin, cineole, curcumenole, borneol, resin, curcumol, curdione, and ethanol. In addition, there are cyclopropanosesquitertene, 2 spirolactones, zedoaria more or less germacrone, 4,5 epoxide, demethoxycurcumin, and bisdemethoxycurcumin.

1. Cancer Treatment

In the white meeting there is curcuma which is active as a RIP (Ribosome in Activating Protein). The benefit is that it is able to deactivate the synthesis of protein cells which, as a result, inhibit their growth. Then the protein will do the penetration on the cancer cells. So if you consume a lot of white meeting, the content of this substance is also getting bigger. As a result, the growth of cancer cells also stops, then runs out, and eventually will disappear.

2. Treating Stomach Pain

Ancient village people if they feel stomach pain consume wedang temu putih. Although it has not been clinically tested for what content to cure it, many have used it. As a result, they also recovered. Currently in medicine also includes white turmeric in its composition. Usually to warm the body and relieve stomach pain.

The efficacy of this stomach ache medicine is also found in:

3. Overcoming Menstrual Pain (Women)

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Usually, women who will be menstruating the signs are menstrual pain. It has become a habit, because there is exfoliation of the ovaries. For this reason, many parents suggest drinking warm white meeting. It contains cineole, resin, curdione, borneol, and curcumol which can reduce pain due to menstruation.

4. Reduces the Risk of Cysts (Women)

Cysts are one of the most common diseases affecting women. Mild cysts are treated with surgical removal of the cyst. However, if it is heavy, the uterus must be removed. One of the substances that can reduce the risk is found in the benefits of white turmeric. The content of substances in it cineole, resin, curdione, borneol, curcumol can overcome the risk of cysts.

5. Reduces Muscle Pain

Usually occurs in men who have a habit of lifting heavy objects or women who do a lot of work. Muscle pain is very easy for anyone. To relieve lactic acid in the body, namely by consuming white turmeric. The content of curcumin and the presence of anti-inflammatory substances, can reduce stomach pain and prevent swelling.

In addition to white tea, this nutrient is also found in:

6. Helps Lower Fever

In Brazil, the use of the benefits of white meeting is more used for children. Because the natural content does not provide side effects. They use it to reduce fever. One of the substances that play an active role is curcumenol.

7. As an Anti-Inflammatory Substance

In white turmeric there are nutrients that are useful for reducing inflammation. The substance is known as curcumin which works as an anti-inflammatory. Other anti-inflammatory properties are also found in:

8. Overcome Gene Damage

Human tissue is often damaged. When you fall, the network will tear. Then the genes, the smallest unit of tissue, are also destroyed. Because of this vulnerability, you need to consume substances that help form genes. One of them is white meeting which contains antioxidant benefits for gene repair.

9. Zat Frimbikonitik

In addition to protecting from gene damage, the benefits of white turmeric also overcome cell damage. The substance responsible for that is the benefits of flavonoid compounds and curcuminoids. The content of the substance as an antioxidant in the body that is able to be a protective shield against cell damage.

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10. Overcoming dyspepsia

Digestive problems have become commonplace for humans in general. There is a treatment that is able to slow down the growth of bacteria, namely the essential oil content in white turmeric which has an anti-bacterial function. With these substances, the growth of Ezcherichia coli bacteria will slow down.

11. Overcoming Hepatomegaly

Enlargement of the liver, also known as hepatomegaly, is a serious problem. The cause is an infection in the liver. So there must be protection or save control of substances in the body. One of the substances capable of activating save control is curcumenol and a group of sesquiterpene substances. Several types of sesquiterpenes are germacron, kurzerenone, and germacron epoxide which are present in the benefits of white turmeric.

12. Prevent TB

One of the factors of TB disease is bacteria. For that you need to increase your immune system. Also requires substances that are able to ward off or kill and weaken the strength of these bacteria. One of them with the benefits of white meeting. The content of essential oils is able to work as an anti-bacterial.

The benefits of other spices to treat TB disease are found in:

13. Prevents Tumor Development

A flesh that grows in a part of your body, but the growth is not normal. You have to be careful, if it is called a tumor. Because one of the triggers of cancer is the growth of tumors that become malignant. For that, how to inhibit tumor growth with the BENEFITS of white meeting. The content of curcuma zedoaria is very expert in the problem of slowing tumors. This has been tested in research Anti Cancer Medical Herbs.

14. Prevents Cholera

One of the diseases that are quite familiar in Indonesia. The way this disease spreads through bacteria called Vibrio comma. So there must be self-protection to prevent or fight these bacteria. One of them is the content of essential oils in the benefits of white turmeric. Its function is as an anti-bacterial agent for microbes, so that it is able to weaken v. the comma.

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15. Prevent Typus

This disease is often infects by people who have bad eating habits. Typus attacks the digestive tract, so it really interferes with metabolic processes. Even if it reaches a chronic stage, it can be helpless. For that it needs to be prevented. Transmission through bacteria known as Salmonella typosa or Salmonella paratyphi. Prevention is by consuming foods that can prevent bacteria, or at least interfere with bacterial growth. One of the important roles here is essential oil. The content is able to work as an anti-microbial agent.

Unhealthy Lifestyle as a Source of Disease

Many people say they want to be healthy, avoid disease, want to look fresh and fit. However, they do not balance the diet and nutritional content in accordance with the activities carried out. Consumption of junk food is still running, cigarettes are still being smoked, sleeping in the morning or early in the morning is still being done, how do you want to be healthy?

If you want to love your body, then change your lifestyle. One of them is by consuming foods that contain nutrients that the body needs. Such as protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and so on. Minimize the use of drugs or similar supplements. Because in a spice supplement, it must have side effects from the mixed chemicals. If you want to be safe, consume the original spices. Sometimes it has been specially mixed into a drink, such as herbal medicine.

As already mentioned in the benefits of white turmeric above. This spice can be found anywhere, because the spread of this plant has reached the archipelago. Even some herbal remedies have also begun to be interested in exploiting the usefulness of this spice.

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