14 Manfaat Virgin Coconut Oil

Surely many of you are familiar with and often hear the name Virgin coconut oil. Yes, Virgin coconut oil is one type of essential oil that is widely used for the benefit of human health. Actually, what is virgin coconut oil? The following are some brief explanations about Virgin coconut oil, to add to your knowledge.

What is Virgin Coconut Oil??

Virgin coconut oil is one of the processed essential oils made from coconut. Yes, as the name implies, virgin coconut oil is actually made from fresh coconut. Usually, the manufacture of virgin coconut oil uses fresh coconut which is processed by heating. When heated, the coconut will release its essential oil, which we often know as virgin coconut oil. It should also be noted that the process of making virgin coconut oil is purely just doing the heating process on coconuts and without using any mixtures or chemical additives at all. For this reason, Virgin coconut oil is one of the healthiest types of essential oils. The following are some of the advantages of Virgin coconut oil:

  • Simple and uncomplicated processing
  • No need to add additional chemicals
  • Chemical content and also nutrients that will be maintained properly
  • Economical production costs and not too expensive

Virgin coconut oil that has been finished can be stored for a long time, which is about 12 months or one year, so it will not be damaged, which is important to store in a location with room temperature. Virgin coconut oil itself has many benefits for our health. what are the benefits of virgin coconut oil? Following are some of them:

1. Antibiotic properties

Virgin coconut oil is one of the essential oils that contains antibiotics which are good for our health. This makes this oil can help prevent and slow down the process of protein synthesis from bacteria.

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These antibiotic properties are also found in:

2. Anti-fungal

Virgin coconut oil also has good benefits as an anti-fungal and can kill fungi on the body. Usually fungi on the body can cause various disorders, one of which is skin disorders caused by fungi, such as tinea versicolor and water fleas.

Anti-fungal properties can also be obtained from:

3. Anti-bacterial

Virgin coconut oil can be an antidote to the entry of bacteria into the body that can cause various health problems and diseases.

These anti -bacterial benefits are also abundant in;

4. Can inactivate the measles and herpes viruses

One of the other important benefits of virgin coconut oil is as an antidote and also a killer of viruses in the body. This can especially help reduce the spread of the herpes virus as well as the measles virus.

5. Can stimulate the immune system

The benefits of virgin coconut oil are good to help boost the immune system. This is because virgin coconut oil is able to stimulate the immune system to become even better.

Here are a number of properties of natural ingredients that can optimize the immune system:

6. Increase body metabolism

The direct effect that occurs from increasing our immune system is that it can help increase the body’s metabolism. The body’s metabolism is very important and needed to help smooth the body’s digestion and can also help burn fat that has accumulated in our body parts.

There are a number of ways that can be done to increase the body’s metabolism, such as:

6. Can increase stamina

Virgin coconut oil is also believed to have very important benefits and is also very good for helping increase stamina. Especially for athletes, who need high stamina and are always awake.

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Other benefits that can optimize stamina are:

8. Good for digestive health

Virgin coconut oil also has excellent benefits to help launch and also improve your digestion. Simply add Virgin coconut oil in your diet, coupled with fiber, it will help smooth your digestion.

To support this digestive health, also consume foods that contain fiber such as:

9. Relieves stress on the pancreas organ

The benefits of virgin coconut oil are as one of the essential oils that can help the performance of the pancreas, reducing the workload of the pancreas organ. Excessive workload on the pancreas can cause the pancreas to function not optimally.

10. Can prevent osteoporosis

Apparently, virgin coconut oil also has very good benefits for your bone health. Virgin coconut oil can help to prevent the appearance of symptoms of osteoporosis and also health problems with other bone organs.

Other osteoporosis prevention can also be obtained from:

11. Prevents inflammation

Virgin coconut oil is one of the essential oils that can prevent inflammation. When you experience inflammation in the organs of the body, then try to consume this oil. Virgin coconut oil essential oil is able to overcome the inflammation you are experiencing.

Inflammation in the body can also be prevented by:

12. Optimizing the absorption of calcium and magnesium

This is what causes Virgin coconut oil is very good for bone health. The benefits of virgin coconut oil are able to help increase the optimal absorption of calcium and magnesium. This optimal absorption of calcium makes bone health better maintained.

13. Prevent hypertension

Do you have symptoms of hypertension or high blood pressure? then Virgin coconut oil is one solution that you can use to lower your blood pressure to normal again.

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14. Fight free radicals

Virgin coconut oil also contains antioxidants that are very good for the body. With the presence of antioxidants in VCO, it can help ward off free radicals, which can cause various health problems, such as cancer and premature aging.

Free radical prevention can also use:

15. Maintain healthy hair from dandruff

Not only for the health of body organs and skin, Virgin coconut oil is also very good for maintaining the health of your hair. Virgin coconut oil can help treat the health of your hair, and is also able to prevent the appearance of dandruff on your scalp.

16. Clean the injured skin area

You fell and got hurt too? In order to avoid excessive infection and also to prevent the wound from getting worse, try to apply Virgin coconut oil to the area of ​​your skin that has the wound. By applying VCO, it will help clean the wound and also speed up wound healing.

17. Smooth skin

The next benefit of Virgin coconut oil is that it is able to smooth the skin. You only need to apply Virgin coconut oil to your skin, then you will get very good properties to smooth your skin.

Other natural ingredients that can smooth the skin are:

18. Prevents the effects of UV radiation

Still for skin health, Virgin coconut oil is also able to protect the body from ultraviolet radiation which can cause various health problems, especially in skin organs.

Those are the important benefits of Virgin coconut oil for your health. Hopefully the article about the benefits of Virgin coconut oi line can help add to your insight, all of you.

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