10 Benefits of Drinking Red Betel Leaf Decoction

Benefits of Red Betel LeafRed betel is a plant that comes from Sulawesi, Indonesia. This plant grows by means of vines and has a myriad of red betel benefits as herbal medicine. This red betel leaf has a reddish color with a beautiful pattern on the leaves. Another name is piper crotatum.

The way of processing this red betel leaf is by boiling it. The boiled water can be used for herbal remedies and there are also red betel leaves that are burned a little part to be attached to the sore area.

The following are the benefits of red betel leaf stew:

1. Coronary heart disease

Coronary heart disease is a heart disease caused by free radicals that damage the walls of blood vessels. Other factors that cause coronary heart disease are hypertension, smoking, pollution and an unhealthy lifestyle. One of the ways to maintain heart health is to always be diligent in exercising because the benefits of exercise for the heart a huge amount.

How to process red betel for heart disease:

  • Provide 3 pieces of red betel leaf.
  • Provide 7 cubes of seeds. Cucumber seeds are plants that grow a lot on the island of Java and are widely used as spices or also known as Javanese pepper. Benefits of spices This is very much for the health of the body.
  • Prepare 3 onions.
  • Prepare some cumin chili.

After that, mix all the ingredients above into a container to grind. After really smooth add hot water nail pain. And let stand for 10 minutes just squeezed to take the water. The juice can be drunk twice a day on a regular basis.

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2. Diabetes mellitus

Diabetes mellitus, also known as diabetes, is a condition where the body cannot utilize insulin, so that the insulin hormone is reduced in the body. The method of processing red betel for diabetes mellitus is to provide 3 pieces of red betel leaf. Then wash it clean and put it in a container. Enter three glasses of water and boil until boiling. After that strain, the boiled water can be drunk 3 times a day before eating regularly.

3. Acne medicine

Acne is a skin condition that produces excessive oil glands which then mixes with pollution, causing acne.

How to process red betel as an acne medication is as follows:

  • Provide 10 pieces of red betel leaf.
  • Grind the leaves not until smooth.
  • Brew with hot water then wait until the cold water is just washed on the face with acne. Do it regularly once in two days.

4. Treating toothache

How to process red betel leaf for toothache is to provide 3 pieces of red betel leaf and then boil it with two glasses of water. After the results of the stew are only one cup, then strain the boiled water, wait until it cools down then gargle with the boiled water. Do it until the toothache slowly disappears.

5. Breast cancer drugs

Breast cancer is a condition where cells grow abnormally and uncontrollably. Breast cancer generally affects women.

Here’s how to process it:

  • Provide 10 pieces of red betel leaf
  • Also provide stems taken from red betel leaves
  • Put the above ingredients into a container to boil
  • Drink the boiled water twice a day on a regular basis
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6. Eliminate body odor

The way to get rid of body odor is to provide five red betel leaves. Then boiled with two glasses of water. After only one glass of water is filtered to take the water and after it is cold it can be drunk.

7. Treat prostate disease

The way to treat prostate disease is to provide five pieces of red betel leaf to boil in two cups benefits of water which has many uses. Then after only one glass of water, strain the water to drink. Drink twice a day on a regular basis.

8. Treating coughs

The processing method is as follows:

  • Provide 5 pieces of red betel leaf
  • Provide two pieces of bidara leaves. Bidara leaves have small characteristics. about 15 meters high and has branches. These leaves live in dry places.
  • Prepare Honey.
  • Boil three cups of water with 5 pieces of betel leaf mixed with two leaves of bidara.
  • Strain the cooking water after it cools down, add honey to taste.

This boiled water can be drunk twice a day on a regular basis for cough solution.

9. Reducing breast milk production

For mothers who have just given birth there are two possibilities. The first possibility is the lack of breast milk production. And the second is excessive breast milk production. Many benefits of exclusive breastfeeding for mother and child. If there is excess breast milk production and it tastes like it already exceeds the need, it can be reduced so that it is not wasted in the following ways:

  • Provide one sheet of red betel leaf
  • Red betel leaf smeared with coconut oil.
  • Red betel leaf burned a little part. Then affixed to the area around the breast.
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10. Facilitate urination

With increasing age sometimes causes some people to experience difficulty urinating. If you have difficulty urinating then red betel leaf juice can be used as a medicine. How to process red betel leaf is as follows:

This red betel leaf juice can be drunk once a week.

Red Betel Leaf Content

Red betel leaf contains flavonoids, saponins, alkaloids, essential oils, tannins and cineole and eugenol.

The following is an explanation of each of these compounds:

  • Flavinoids are compounds that contain purple, blue and red colors that are abundant in nature.
  • Saponins are active compounds that function as antimicrobials
  • Alkoloid is a compound that functions as anti-cancer, anti-inflation and is widely found in natural organisms.
  • The essential oil in red betel leaf is anti-inflammatory and anti-septic. This essential oil contains a fragrant smell.
  • Tannins are compounds that are abundant in plants that are insoluble in water.
  • Eugenol is a compound that works to reduce pain in the sore area.

Red betel leaf is believed since ancient times to treat various diseases. Because of the content in it. The compounds in red betel leaf play a very important role in helping the healing process.

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