4 Benefits of Betel Leaf for Ulcer Disease

Ulcer is a gastric acid disease that is increasingly being suffered by people today. The main factor is none other than an unhealthy lifestyle. Irregularity in eating patterns is usually the main cause of someone getting ulcer disease. The demands of education and work have become a necessity nowadays, but we should not forget the more important thing, namely the health of our bodies.

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Stomach acid is actually beneficial for the body because it can kill germs and bacteria that enter through food. However, in ulcer sufferers, stomach acid levels, which should be able to help digest food, are produced in excess, causing various health problems.

Stomach Symptoms

  • Feeling nauseous and accompanied by vomiting.
  • The stomach feels bloated
  • Stomach hurts before and after eating
  • Stomach hurts when defecating
  • Excessive belching
  • In patients with chronic gastritis, vomiting may be accompanied by blood

If you experience the above symptoms you should be more vigilant because you are most likely suffering from ulcer disease. Ulcer disease is usually easier to detect when the stomach feels sore on an empty state and still feels sore even after eating.

Ulcer disease is not a disease that you can take lightly because it is related to stomach and digestive health. If left unchecked, there may be complications that are more dangerous for health. In this article, we discuss one of the Ulcer Solutionnamely by using betel leaf.

Benefits of betel leaf for ulcer disease

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The Latin name of this plant is Piper Betle L, but did you know that this betel plant is native to Indonesia? Yes. Therefore, we should be proud and do not forget to preserve nature. Back to the betel leaf, this plant usually grows by creeping or leaning on the stems of other plants.

Of the many benefits of herbal plants and natural traditional ingredients for ulcer disease, this time I will discuss the benefits of betel leaf for ulcer disease. Betel leaf as we know has so many benefits for health and has been widely used as an herbal plant from generation to generation.

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  1. Neutralize stomach acid

Have you ever felt nauseous, dizzy, sore? Maybe it is a sign of excessive levels of stomach acid in the body. In addition to causing ulcer disease, excessive levels of stomach acid can indeed have a negative impact on health. To neutralize this excess stomach acid, actually we can also use boiled water betel leaves. Why? Because the betel leaf itself contains good minerals to keep stomach acid levels stable.

It is important to neutralize stomach acid:

  1. Prevent gastric ulcer
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According to research, betel leaf can help thicken the stomach wall so it is not susceptible to erosion due to increased stomach acid or commonly called gastric ulcer. This is because betel leaf can work as a gastroprotective which protects the stomach from erosion and inflammation and even wounds due to its antibiotic content.

  1. Reduce stomach inflammation

Inflammation of the stomach can be triggered by excess levels of stomach acid. Inflammation of the stomach is usually characterized by symptoms of stinging and pain, as if stabbed by many needles in the stomach. The anti-inflammatory content in betel leaf is very useful for reducing stomach inflammation.

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  1. Reduces the risk of gastric complications

One of the complications of increased levels of acid in the stomach is the appearance of gastric cancer. Gastric cancer can also be triggered by free radicals. Betel leaf contains many antioxidant compounds. Therefore, regularly consuming betel leaf extract can help reduce the risk of complications in the stomach.

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With a fast-paced lifestyle, in fact a person can be more susceptible to ulcer disease, no wonder ulcer drugs are increasingly popular in the market. But again, dependence on chemical drugs is also a risk to the health of our internal organs. Therefore, for those of you who want to start a healthy life, it would be nice to start managing a good diet with a healthy menu and of course not forgetting to do light exercise regularly.

How To Use Betel Leaf As Herbs

  • Prepare 7 fresh betel leaves
  • Prepare 100 ml of water
  • Boil the betel leaf together with water until it boils
  • After the water boils, turn off the heat and let it cool down
  • Strain the cooking water into a cup or glass

That’s how to make herbal ingredients from betel leaves. The taste will not be as sweet as its properties, but it is better than continuing to depend on chemical drugs. To be able to feel the maximum results, betel leaf extract can be taken regularly 2 times a day. In addition to being boiled, betel leaves can also be mashed by grinding or blending and then brewing with hot water.

Other benefits of betel leaf boiled water:

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Tips: Drink regularly at the same time, preferably after lunch and dinner. Try to drink it while sitting because if you drink it while standing up, the incoming water will go straight to the intestines. In addition, drink slowly so that the stomach can react properly.

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