6 Benefits of Fragrant Root Oil for Health

Vetiver oil has many benefits not only for fragrance but also for health and beauty. Vetiver oil itself is the result of the distillation of the vetiver plant. With the form of oil, the use becomes more practical. Vetiver oil contains substances vetiveron, veriverol, vetivena, vetivenil vetivenet, palmic acid, benzoic acid. The color of vetiver oil is brownish yellow and has a woody, sweet and smoky aroma. As with patchouli oil and sandalwood oil, the smell of vetiver will get stronger as it is stored.

Vetiver itself is one of the medicinal plants in the form of grass with the characteristic of fragrant roots. The origin of vetiver comes from India and is able to grow throughout the year regardless of season. In general, vetiver is used as a perfume ingredient that functions as a wardrobe fragrance because of its distinctive fragrance, so that our clothes will not be musty even if they are stored for a long time. In Indonesia itself, vetiver plants are often also used as crafts such as bags, wallets, prayer mats and others, especially in the arrowroot area.

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Many people do not know that there are many benefits of vetiver oil. Most people only know that vetiver is only for fragrance. Even though there are many benefits that can be obtained other than for fragrance. Here’s a description of some of the benefits of vetiver oil.

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Benefits of Fragrant Root Oil

1. Perfume

True to its name fragrant root oil serves as a fragrance. Fragrant root oil is widely used in the perfume industry, bath soap and even cosmetics. Fragrant root oil has the property of not evaporating easily so this oil is often used to bind other perfumes to make it last longer.

2. As an Antioxidant

Antioxidants are substances that can prevent and slow down cell damage caused by oxidation. When left unchecked, certain types of oxygen molecules cause free radical-induced oxidative damage that harms body tissues.

The results of a study from the Department of Science and Human Nutrition at Clemson University, Sount Calivornia in 2005 showed that fragrant root oil has a strong ability to fight free radicals compared to standard antioxidants such as butylated hydroxytoluene and alpha tocopherol.

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3. Remove scars and marks on the skin

Vetiver oil is able to remove dark spots, acne scars and smallpox as well as rejuvenate the skin because of its cicatrisant properties, which is able to regenerate skin and tissues. In addition, vetiver oil is also effective at disguise stretch marks, cracked skin and other skin disorders. Add a few drops of vetiver oil to your laundry soap or lotion and your skin will become softer and smoother. In addition, vetiver oil is also effective for removing scars, especially those caused by insects, such as wasps or scorpions.

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4. Calming feelings when anxious, nervous or stressed.

From ancient times vetiver is famous for its fragrance. Vetiver oil is used for aromatherapy which is able to reduce stress, panic, anxiety and depression with its neurological action in the central amygdaloin nucleus. The central amygdaloin nucleus is connected to the brain so that it is able to control the expression of behavior, perception, and emotion. Even vetiver oil has the same effect as Diazepan, a drug used to treat anxiety, muscle spasms, and other symptoms.

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5. Repel termites, fleas and mosquitoes

Vetiver oil is the most effective essential oil as a termite repellent because it has the most lasting effect compared to other essential oils. Vetiver oil is also able to reduce termite activity in building nests. In addition to termites, vetiver oil can also be used to kill lice effectively and safely. Mosquitoes don’t like the smell of vetiver, so vetiver can repel mosquitoes.

6. Eliminate bad breath

Vetiver oil can also eliminate bad breath and treat toothache. The trick is to brew vetiver, 2 pieces of betel, one handful gotu kola, 6 cardamom grains and use it as a mouthwash.

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There are so many not the benefits of vetiver oil for health and beauty. Thus information about some of the benefits of vetiver oil, may be useful and useful.

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