20 Benefits of Water Guava Leaves for Health

Water guava is a type of fruit that is all around us. In addition to its delicious taste, this fruit is also rich in health benefits. But it turns out that not only the fruit, guava leaves can also be used as natural herbal medicines that are beneficial for health and overcome various diseases. Water guava leaves can be recognized by their green to dark green color. The shape is also longer and wider than other leaves with a tapered tip and a smooth leaf surface. If you approach it, you will smell the distinctive aroma of guava leaves.

If during this time guava leaves are just thrown away and just become a dirty page, then from now on it’s better for you to start consuming them, especially if you suffer from certain diseases because these leaves are very rich in health benefits. The benefits of this leaf are derived from the content of active compounds it has such as phenolic compounds, saponins, steroids, and various other compounds. Some of the benefits that can be obtained from the use of guava leaves are:

1. Overcoming diarrhea

In general, we know guava leaves as a natural remedy to relieve diarrhea. Diarrhea sufferers can directly chew guava leaves which have been previously washed to help thicken the stool. Because as is known feces in diarrhea sufferers are very watery. However, for further action, you still have to use other drugs because the function of guava leaves is only limited to thickening feces, not treating diarrhea. (Also read: Yakult benefits for diarrhea)

2. Lower cholesterol levels

Although cholesterol is needed by the body, excessive levels in the blood can cause health problems. If the cholesterol in the body has already accumulated, we can use guava leaves to lower it so that it returns to normal. (Also read: Benefits of Moringa leaves for cholesterol)

3. Prevent and treat diabetes

Guava leaf extract is one of the recommended ingredients in the composition of diabetes drugs. This is due to its ability to lower blood sugar levels and overcome insulin resistance that occurs in the body of diabetics. We can also process the benefits of guava leaves as herbal medicine. The trick is to boil 7 guava leaves that are still fresh and not too old in 3 cups of water. Boil until only 1 cup. Drink 2 times a day, morning and afternoon. With regular use every day blood sugar levels will drop. And if blood sugar levels have started to drop, use is reduced to once every 4 days. (Also read: benefits of cherry leaves for diabetes)

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4. Overcoming diabetes complications

If you have already attacked diabetes, it does not present itself. There are other diseases it causes such as stroke, heart disease, foot problems, kidney damage, retinal damage, impotence, and so on. By consuming guava leaves we can also prevent and overcome the various diseases above caused by complications of diabetes. (Also read: Mendol benefits)

5. Healthy heart

As one of the vital organs of heart health must be maintained properly. One of them is by consuming water guava leaves which are very beneficial for heart health. (Also read: benefits of cardio10 health benefits of quaker oats)

6. Overcoming stomach ulcers

Ulcer sufferers should start looking for or plant water guava trees around their homes because guava leaves are very good for dealing with rising stomach acid and keeping the stomach comfortable and avoiding pain and soreness. (Also read: benefits of soursop leaves for chronic and acute ulcers)

7. Promote digestion

Another benefit that can also be felt from consuming guava leaves is to improve digestion. With smooth digestion, the nutrients in food can be absorbed optimally and the rest of the processing can be disposed of properly. (Also read: yakult benefits)

8. Overcoming toothache

For those of you who have experienced toothache and are worried that one day it will relapse, it is better to provide guava leaves at home. Because the concoction of guava leaves can also be used to treat toothache. (Also read: the benefits of castor gum)

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9. Overcoming dengue fever

The disease spread by the Aedes aegypti mosquito is quite dangerous because if it is not handled quickly and properly it can result in death. For that, if you have seen the symptoms of this disease, you should immediately consult a doctor and take medication. One type of herbal medicine that can be an option is a concoction of guava leaves. (Also read: the benefits of)

10. Overcoming fever

Guava leaves can be used to reduce high body temperature beyond normal limits. The trick is to crush a few pieces of guava leaves that have been washed clean. Then the leaves are soaked in warm water. This soaking water can be used as a compress for people with fever to lower their body temperature. (Also read: zodia leaf benefitsbenefits of neuralgin medicine)

11. Overcoming pain

When one part of our body experiences a sprain or even worse broken bones, it definitely hurts and hurts a lot. To overcome this we can also take advantage of guava leaves. The method is quite easy, the guava leaves are still fresh and have been washed, crushed until soft. Then smeared on the painful body part while massaged and do it regularly to get maximum benefits.

12. Overcoming itching in people with smallpox

Itching in smallpox sufferers is very excruciating. To reduce this itching we can take advantage of a concoction of guava leaves and flowers. (Also read: 25 benefits of binahong leaves)

13. Prevent cancer

Cancer is a dangerous disease that is difficult to cure. Even if they have been treated and considered cured, the cancer cells have the potential to become malignant again. For that it is better to prevent one of them by consuming guava leaves and other foods such as mangosteen fruit benefits.

14. Overcoming allergies

Allergies can happen to anyone. Common symptoms are itching, coughing, swelling in body parts, and so on. The benefits of water guava leaves can be used as herbal ingredients to overcome allergies suffered. In addition, we can also overcome allergies by taking 42 benefits of mangosteen peel for health.

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15. Boost immunity

If all this time honey benefits famous for increasing immunity, there are other ingredients that are also equally beneficial, namely water guava leaves. By drinking water guava leaf concoction regularly can help boost immunity.

16. As a hemorrhoid medicine

Hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids are a type of disease that is very disturbing and embarrassing because it attacks a person’s deepest organs. But don’t worry because this disease can be overcome with guava leaves and other types of leaves such as benefits of soursop leaves for hemorrhoids

17. Overcoming vaginal discharge

It can be said that vaginal discharge is a problem for most women. If we usually use the benefits of beluntas leaves for vaginal discharge so now you can also use guava leaves to overcome it.

18. Remove spots on the face

The appearance of black spots on the face can reduce the brightness of a person’s face and self-confidence. In order for the face to be smooth again and avoid spots, there are many ways that can be done, such as using a guava leaf herb or benefits of melanox cream

19. Overcome bloating

If all this time we use benefits of guava leaf shoots To overcome bloating in the stomach, there are other types of leaves that we can also use, namely guava leaves so that flatulence subsides again.

20. Overcoming eye pain

Guava leaf decoction can also be used to treat eye pain. However, if the eye pain persists, it is better to consult a doctor to determine the type of disease so that the right drug can be found.

Very useful isn’t it? Therefore, from now on, the guava leaves should not be thrown away or left alone. Process, consume, and get the various health benefits it has. Easy, cheap, and healthy.

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