21 Benefits of Key Gathering for Women and Health

Hearing the term key meeting, those who have used it often will know what key gathering is, while for those who are still new, many will guess that key gathering is a key to open a door or cupboard. Meet the key or in Latin it is called Boesenbergia pandurata is a rhizome plant that reproduces by means of rhizomes or living roots.

This plant is one of the types of gathering plants such as temulawak and galangal. This spice plant is spread in many Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia. Usually the key meeting is used as a cooking spice with clear gravy. Temu Kunci has a small round shape like kencur, but there is an elongated gilig part. The color is whitish yellow. Key meetings have various benefits, for more details will be described as below.

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  1. As a Kitchen Seasoning – Yep, the main function of this key meeting is as a kitchen spice. Usually the key meeting is used for cooking spices that have a clear gravy or in other words without using coconut milk. Why is its main function as a kitchen spice? Because the most common use in Indonesia is for kitchen spices, while its use for others is still common. (Also read: Benefits of Koja Bay Leaves)
  2. Cold medicine – Stomach problems such as colds, bloating, gas, and heartburn can also be overcome with Intersection Key Extract. (Also read: Benefits of Oregano Leaves)
  3. Overcome Internal Heat – When the heat is in, even eating becomes uncomfortable because the mouth feels pain. Intersection locks can relieve internal heat such as chapped lips and canker sores. (Also read: Benefits of Black Grass jelly)
  4. Launching Urination – Temu Kunci is diuretic because it contains flavonoids. In other words, meeting locks helps facilitate the urinary tract so that urination is launched. (Also read: Benefits of a Salt Water Bath)
  5. Treating itching – Temu Kunci contains saponins that can kill fungi. Therefore, Intersection locks can be used to treat itching on the skin due to fungal infections or allergies. (Also read: Benefits of Beluntas Leaves for Hypertension)
  6. Prevents Tumors and Cancer – The saponins in Intersection are able to prevent cancer or tumors from developing. In addition, the flavonoid content is also anti-cancer. However, use in large doses is also dangerous because it can cause infertility due to its antifertility properties. (Also read: Benefits of Cherry Plants)
  7. Increase Body Stamina – Key gatherings can be used to increase stamina or energy so that the body becomes fresh and fit because of smooth blood circulation. The saponins it contains are also able to boost immunity. Therefore, the extract of Temu Kunci is good to be taken by postnatal mothers to restore their stamina quickly. (Also read: Benefits of Dried Moringa Leaves)
  8. Launching Breast Milk Production For pregnant women who have just given birth, of course they really want to give breast milk to their baby. Unfortunately not everyone whose milk production is smooth. This key meeting extract can help launch breast milk production, so that the baby’s breast milk needs can be fulfilled. (Also read: Albasia Wood Benefits)
  9. Pain Relief – The juice and infusion of the rhizome of Temu Kunci are analgesic and antipyretic, meaning they are able to relieve pain. Therefore, the key meeting can be used for pain medication during menstruation. (Also read: Benefits of Mefenamic Acid)
  10. Menstruation – Menstruation or menstruation is experienced by every woman every month. Some are routine, but some are not. So that your menstruation runs smoothly, consume Intersection Key Extract. (Also read: Benefits of Drinking Tamarind During Menstruation)
  11. Relieve Depression – Temu Kunci can be used as an antidepressant because it contains flavonoids. Antidepressants are substances that can relieve depression or stress. (Also read: Benefits of Soy Juice)
  12. Vaginal Medicine – Vaginal discharge is very disturbing for a woman because it causes itching and odor. This can be overcome by consuming meeting locks regularly. (Also read: Benefits of Beluntas Leaves for Leucorrhoea)
  13. Anti-Microbial – Intersection key extract can be used as an anti-microbial. Therefore, this extract is widely used by academics as research material. (Also read: Benefits of Microwaves)
  14. Lowering Cholesterol in Blood – High cholesterol in the blood can increase the risk of stroke. In addition, high cholesterol makes the body feel uncomfortable. If you have high cholesterol, you can take advantage of Intersection Key Extract according to the doctor’s advice. (Also read: Benefits of Cherry Leaves for Cholesterol)
  15. Cough medicine – Temu Kunci contains flavonoids which are antiviral agents. Antiviral is an anti-viral drug that can be used to treat diseases caused by viruses such as coughs, so that the meeting can be used as a laxative for phlegm when coughing. (Also read: Pineapple Benefits For Cough)
  16. Increase Appetite When you are sick, your appetite also decreases because you are not in tune. To increase appetite, use Intersection Key extract. For children who have difficulty eating can also take advantage of this extract. Remember, don’t overuse it. (Also read: Benefits of Not Eating Dinner)
  17. Reducing Blood Sugar Levels – Consuming Intersection Keys can reduce blood sugar levels. Therefore it is good for diabetics. This is because Temu Kunci contains anti-diabetic substances called flavonoids. (Also read: Benefits of Java Sugar)
  18. Beautify Skin – For those who want beautiful skin, we can take advantage of masks made from Intersection Keys. Regular use will make skin firmer, fresher, healthier and smoother. In addition, it can prevent premature aging. (Also read: Benefits of Cream Sari)
  19. Reduce Body Odor – The camphor contained in the key meeting can be used to reduce body odor. Its use can be mixed with betel leaf for maximum results. The boiled water is used for bathing. (Also read: Benefits of Beluntas Leaves for Body Odor)
  20. Reduce Acne The appearance of acne on the body can interfere with appearance and reduce self-confidence. Therefore, many of us try to get rid of acne in various ways. One way that can be taken is to consume meeting locks or make a mask. (Also read: Benefits of Turmeric Mask)
  21. As an Antioxidant – Rhizome extract can be used as an antioxidant. Antioxidants can ward off free radicals. Free radicals are molecules that can damage cells. If our body captures a lot of free radicals then the body’s cells are damaged quickly and premature aging occurs. In addition, it is prone to cancer. (Also read: Benefits of Jengkol for Cancer)
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Now it’s clear the benefits of finding the real key, so it’s not to open your door. Many things around us that turn out to have many benefits. It’s just that sometimes we don’t realize or know it. Key gatherings, which are usually only used for spices, can in fact be used to cure various diseases. Keep in mind, use in normal doses. However, whatever medicine you are going to take, it is better to consult your doctor. If you benefit from this article, then share it with others. Because the best knowledge is useful knowledge. Happy sharing!

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