Why Should You Try the 21-Day Fix?


Many books, diets, and exercise plans are available for anyone looking to improve their health or lose weight. A startling number of these plans involve calorie counting, complex point systems, and memorizing complicated workout routines, but how beneficial are they?

Would you try a program that combines nutrition and exercise in a way that increases the effectiveness of your efforts to improve your health and lose weight?

There is, and it is known as the 21-day Fix. Here are some compelling reasons to try the 21-Day Fix.

Simple Workout Routines

Exercise plans in the 21-Day Fix are every week, with short workouts. That means it’s quick and easy, ideal for even the busiest people, from working professionals to stay-at-home moms. Each daily workout is unique, requiring no more tedious, repetitive workouts that produce poor results. Targeting different areas maximizes your potential and keeps your body from reaching the dreaded weight loss plateau while you’re having fun. These classes combine a rich blend of Pilates, Yoga, upper body, lower body, and cardio to put you on the healthy living you’ve been striving for.

Simple Meal Plans

Nutrition is one of the most complicated and challenging aspects of any weight loss program, and the 21-Day Fix removes all of the guesswork and stress from meal preparation. The primary goal is portion control, which is achieved using a simple, color-coded food container system. One good rule to follow is: save it for tomorrow if it doesn’t fit in the container!

Lean Protein in Red Container
Vegetables in a Green Container
Fruits in Purple Containers, Dressing, Sauce, and Seeds in Orange Containers
Carbohydrates are in the yellow container; healthy fats are in the blue container.

The 21-Day Fix’s simplicity allows you to be a successful meal planner for yourself without counting calories or points.

Rapid Results

Psychologists have observed that it is difficult for almost anyone to continue a program when they see little change after months of hard work, but the 21-Day Fix addresses this by providing the desired results. You could lose up to 15 pounds in less than a month if you follow the 21-Day Fix.

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