10 Benefits of Ribang Leaves for Health

leafRibang leaf, for some people may be unfamiliar with the name of this ribang leaf, it turns out that ribang leaf is a leaf that is often used by children to play money in childhood. It’s funny, it is one of the benefits at a glance when viewed from the use of ribang leaves, but scientifically it turns out that ribang leaves have many very good benefits for maintaining health and beauty in yourself.

Therefore, it can be said that ribang leaf is a leaf of a thousand benefits because it is not only beneficial for health and beauty, but in ancient times it was also useful as a substitute for money for small children who were either used for cooking or something else. Therefore, it would be better for us to know the benefits of ribang leaves scientifically, be it for beauty or for health. As for some of the benefits of ribang leaves are as follows.

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Benefits of Ribang Leaves

1. As a fever medicine

In addition to being easy to find and use for toys, it turns out that this drug has very good benefits and properties, namely it can overcome fever, not even just overcoming fever, but by using this ribang leaf, it can treat flu and even fever caused by malaria. . How to use ribang leaves to overcome this fever is also very easy, you only need to spread this ribang leaf stew all over the body, do it regularly, then the fever will gradually begin to recede.

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2. Prevents Infection

In addition to overcoming fever, the content in ribang leaves is vitamin C, antioxidants and there are also minerals that have good benefits for protecting the body from various types of infections, this will certainly help protect the body and maintain immunity if used regularly. Don’t wait for pain to take advantage of this ribang leaf, but actually you can use it even if you are not sick. Can be used once a week.

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3. Overcoming Canker sores

It was mentioned earlier that ribang leaves contain Benefits of vitamin C, where this content is very useful for overcoming canker sores, because usually both the lips and tongue and other places that experience canker sores really need vitamin C to overcome the disease. then you can treat it by using this ribang leaf, it only needs to be boiled and then drunk, if you don’t like drinking it you can also use it by gargling.

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4. Overcoming blood pressure

It is very easy to use ribang leaves as a medicine for this cholesterol disease, it turns out that you only need to boil it or boil it so that it can overcome and work extra to overcome blood pressure. By boiling the ribang leaves and drinking it, it can overcome the bad cholesterol in the body, so that when the bad cholesterol has been eradicated properly, the cholesterol and blood pressure will be reduced and over time will recover and avoid cholesterol. But not only consuming ribang leaf stew, but you also need to balance it with a healthy lifestyle, exercise, and healthy food consumption.

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5. Overcoming Headaches

Headaches are very dizzy and make the sufferer suffer greatly, therefore they really need drugs that are effective immediately to treat headaches, one of the drugs that can be used is to use ribang leaf water. This can be done by using ribang leaves to compress your head or forehead so that the dizziness disappears and the freshness begins to feel in your head.

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6. Help treat goiter

It is an enlargement of the thyroid gland, it certainly requires very good treatment. One of the treatments that can be used is to use boiled water from rimbang leaves as a medicine. These leaves can be boiled and after being boiled can be drunk or can only be smeared on the part that has goiter.

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7. Overcoming difficulty urinating

Unexpectedly it turns out that this drug can overcome the drug difficult to urinate, or urinate, just need to boil it you can handle it well

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8. Remove toxins in the body

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Toxins in the body are of course very dangerous and need to be removed immediately. Caged toxins that accumulate in the body can cause complications that can lead to death, so you must be careful and must immediately and very immediately eradicate the toxins in the body.

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9. Prevent hair loss

Some things that cause hair to lose nutrients, therefore take advantage of the mucus from this ribang leaf for a hair mask or a substitute for conditioner after shampooing you can use this rimbang leaf mucus to help grow hair loss when it is used regularly in one week at least three times you can have hair that is tight and doesn’t fall out easily

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10. Lose weight

It turns out that this leaf is not only beneficial for health but can also give you beauty, namely with an ideal weight this ribang leaf has a low calorie and high fiber content so that it is able to overcome the formula for excess weight.

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Those are the benefits that you can get from using ribang leaves by utilizing these ribang leaves, of course you will be healthy, not only healthy because flying leaves can also provide beauty benefits for yourself. There are so many benefits that various water ingredients can bring, so take advantage of what is around you, don’t let it go to waste.

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