5 Benefits of Binahong Leaves for Glands

Binahong leaf is one type of plant that is quite rare, especially in urban areas. Nowadays binahong leaves often grow wild and are trusted. Can treat chronic diseases. One of them is some diseases that affect the gland system in the body.

How important are glands in our body? actually the gland is a tissue that is almost similar to a bag made of excretory cells. The goal is to help produce a substance, which will later play a role in regulating and balancing physiological functions and body activities.

Substances released in the form of hormones, enzymes and other important fluids. The glands are generally in secure locations on the body, but are prominent.

For example, the sweat glands, salivary glands, pancreas, pituitary gland, and thyroid gland are located in the neck. It turns out that this part of the gland is often attacked by several diseases that are quite fatal but are not realized.

  1. Treating canker sores

Helps maintain health in the salivary glands, especially canker sores, especially those that are very chronic, which can only be combated by consuming binahong leaves.

The method is very easy, just boil the binahong leaves in a container filled with 200 to 300 ml of water, then boil and let stand until it recedes a little.

After that, the water is consumed for drinking. Binahong leaf water can also be used to gargle so that canker sores and wounds heal. The boiled water of binahong leaves can treat swelling in the mouth, to treat chronic canker sores.

  1. Prevents Lymph Node Cancer
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Lymph node cancer is one of the deadliest types of cancer. But this can be prevented when consuming binahong leaves.

The benefits of leaves which are often called leaves deng san chi This in fact can help reduce the symptoms and risk of someone getting lymph node cancer, especially for those who have hereditary cancer.

Generally in the neck or in the armpit, where the gland swells and eventually gets worse. It turned out that when examined the gland had swollen and was eaten by cancer cells.

However, according to information, if we consume herbal drinks or obtained from plants such as binahong leaves, it can help prevent the body from getting cancer, and reduce the risk of developing lymph node cancer.

According to WHO in 2019, cancer has become the third most deadly chronic disease after heart disease and diabetes. Lymph node cancer is one type of cancer that can attack humans and lead to death.

  1. Thyroid Disease

Generally, the thyroid is very important for the body because it has various functions. But how to treat thyroid disease is very difficult to do because it involves treatment by taking drugs and also radioactive therapy.

It turns out that the easiest treatment to do is to consume binahong leaves regularly. Either by boiling water from the binahong leaves or smoothing the binahong leaves like powder, then touching and drinking it.

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Both ways are equally good for avoiding thyroid disease experienced by someone. Coupled with consuming binahong leaves we can reduce symptoms that occur in the body, such as excessive sweating, hair loss, fatigue and difficulty sleeping, as well as several other symptoms of thyroid disease.

  1. To Stabilize Hormones

Hormonal problems may often be underestimated, even though there are many problems in the body that are influenced by hormones. Starting from appetite, to sleep quality or what has a very bad impact. For example, conditions such as problems with the uterus or reproduction and metabolism in the body.

Hormone problems can actually come from various kinds. Starting from birth, the existence of stress or pressure conditions on our bodies, as well as unhealthy lifestyles. One way to reduce hormone problems in the body, so it doesn’t cause disease or other problems, is by consuming binahong leaves.

It turns out that the benefits of binahong leaves for the glands, which help stabilize the function of the glands. So that the production of hormones and enzymes becomes more stable. According to everyone’s needs. Remember, every human being has different hormone needs.

  1. Improve Memory

The benefits of binahong leaves for the next gland that can be obtained are that it can help promote the body, especially memory and also the brain. This affects the pituitary gland, or the right gland in the brain.

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Its purpose is very much to help regulate growth, blood pressure, as well as several organ functions. As the body develops and ages, it becomes more mature. The function of the pituitary gland is getting worse.

In addition, its function has decreased. One of the biggest examples is blood pressure which is no longer stable. But the benefits of binahong leaves that have been shown to have an effect on the health of the pituitary gland are stabilizing memory and helping reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure.

Herbal medicine is a treatment that is chosen by many people in Indonesia. Because there are many herbs or medicinal plants and horticulture, which can be consumed by our society.

The leaves, which turn out to have a million benefits, provide a very good effect when consumed regularly. With proper processing and regular consumption, we can feel the million benefits of this wild-growing plant.

The benefits of binahong leaves for glands can be a way to prevent various diseases with herbal methods. Without fear of side effects or expensive costs, these leaves can be found around gardens or rice fields, besides that they can also be cultivated in the yard of the house.

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