18 Benefits of Jasmine Flowers for Health and Beauty

Benefits of Jasmine FlowersJasmine (Jasminum sambac, ait.) is a flower that has a fragrant aroma and has many benefits for both health and beauty. The benefits of jasmine flowers have been known by many people for centuries as herbal medicine, especially in the Mediterranean region.

Jasmine contains many useful chemical compounds such as indole, linalcohol, benzyl acetate, benzyl alcohol, and jasmon so of course jasmine flowers have many benefits. Here are some of them:

1. Treating Shortness of Breath

Jasmine flowers are believed to treat shortness of breath as well as 9 benefits of fig leaves for health and 25 benefits of binahong leavesthe method is very easy, namely:

  • Boil 20 pieces of jasmine flowers, salt, and 3 cups of water at the same time
  • Wait until the boiling water is only left for two glasses
  • After the boiled water is cold, strain the jasmine flower boiled water and drink it
  • Do this twice a day, in the morning and evening

2. Treats Fever and Headaches

When you or a family member has a high fever, don’t panic, but immediately look for jasmine flowers to make herbal medicine. Method:

  • Prepare a handful of jasmine flowers
  • Squeeze the jasmine flowers until slightly crushed and soak in water
  • Jasmine flower water is then used to compress the forehead

Besides Jasmine Flowers, there are many other herbal medicines that you can try to treat fever, for example, candlenut because 4 benefits of candlenut for treatment one of them is to relieve fever.

3. Treating Bee or Insect Stings

By using a very poisonous bee sting jasmine you can heal, how to:

  • Prepare a handful of jasmine flowers and knead until smooth
  • Glue the jasmine flowers that have been smooth to the parts of the body that were stung by bees or insects

4. Treating Eye Pain

Eye pain such as irritation or continuous discharge from the eye can be treated with jasmine, by:

  • Prepare a handful of jasmine flowers and knead until smooth
  • Paste it on the forehead above the eyes
  • When the jasmine flowers are dry, replace them with new ones

To prevent inflammation of the eyes you can also take Vitamin A and Vitamin C because the benefits of vitamin A and Benefits of Vitamin C for Health one of which is to make the eyes stronger and less susceptible to disease.

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5. Lose Weight

Jasmine flowers can also lose weight when combined with green tea because it has lots of antioxidants and Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) which works effectively in the body for the fat burning process and of course the fat in the body that accumulates can be reduced.

6. Prevents Cholesterol

There are two types of cholesterol in the human body, namely good and bad. Bad cholesterol or commonly called LDL is the cause of blockage of blood vessels that makes blood cannot flow smoothly. If it happens it will stimulate a heart attack, to prevent it you can consume jasmine tea to make cholesterol in the blood go down. Benefits of Dates and Potato Benefits you can try to prevent cholesterol from attacking your body.

Top 1 herbs for high cholesterol

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  2. Potato Benefits
  3. Benefits of Japanese Ants
  4. Benefits of Omepros
  5. Benefits of noni fruit
  6. Benefits of garlic
  7. Benefits of african leaves
  8. Benefits of the crown of the gods
  9. Benefits of binahong leaves
  10. Benefits of soy milk
  11. Benefits of papaya flowers

7. Prevents Aging

Drinking one cup of jasmine tea every day is believed to prevent aging because it is useful for fighting free radicals that cause wrinkles on the skin, including dry skin.

8. Makes Hair Strong

If you experience baldness or hair that keeps falling out, you can try the benefits of jasmine flowers as an herbal remedy for your hair. Method:

  • Prepare 14 jasmine flowers, 6 kukukan leaves, 2 fragrant pandan leaves, 6 urang aring leaves, 1 cup coconut oil, 50 ml of sesame oil, 10 grams of candlenut, 2 roses, and 4 liters of water.
  • Mix coconut oil and sesame oil and heat it
  • All other leaves and hazelnut are ground until smooth
  • All the flowers are chopped into small pieces
  • All the ingredients are then mixed and heated over low heat for 20 minutes
  • Boiling water is filtered and cooled. After it cools down, apply it on the scalp while massaging
  • Do this twice a day before taking a shower
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9. Treating insomnia

To treat insomnia with jasmine flowers the way is very easy, namely:

  • Take the root of the jasmine flower as much as 1-1.5 grams and wash it thoroughly
  • Mash the root of the jasmine flower and add enough water
  • Strain and drink until done

10. Treating Stress

The aroma in jasmine flower tea is believed to have a relaxing effect as well as 13 benefits of roses for health and beauty so that stress can be lost. Therefore, you should regularly consume one cup of jasmine tea to calm the nerves that were previously tense and also make the skin more beautiful every time.

11. Balancing Blood Sugar

Jasmine flower tea also has the property of balancing blood sugar in the human body. For diabetics should consume jasmine flower tea without using sugar.

12. Treating Acne on the Face

Acne on the face can disappear naturally and quickly by jasmine flowers. Method:

  • Prepare 20 jasmine flowers, kawak acid for 2 days, 3 grams of sulfur and 2 SDM of lime juice
  • Wash all ingredients and mash until smooth
  • Squeeze the ground ingredients and add lime
  • Apply it on the face with acne twice a day and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes
  • Rinse face until clean

13. Make a Body Mask

How to make a body mask with jasmine flowers, namely:

  • Prepare a handful of jasmine flowers, rose water or olive oil
  • Finely mash the existing jasmine flowers and add rose water or olive oil
  • Apply it evenly on the body and leave it on for 15-20 minutes
  • Rinse the body until clean
  • To give beautiful and clean skin results you can do it 2-3 times a week

14. Treating Inflammatory Bowel

Jasmine flowers also have properties for intestinal diseases such as inflammation in the intestines, how to:

  • Prepare a handful of poncosuda jasmine flowers
  • Boil the jasmine flowers with 3 cups of water until there is only one cup of water left
  • Drink this boiled water twice a day
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15. Treating Dengue Fever

Dengue fever, which is a severe disease, can be treated with the properties of jasmine flowers, by:

  • Boil 7 jasmine leaves and 1.25 grams of star fruit in 250 water until only 1 cup of water remains
  • After cold, immediately drink the water to the patient with dengue fever
  • Do this for 3 consecutive days with a dose of 8 glasses per day

If you can’t find jasmine leaves, you can also try papaya leaves because 10 benefits of papaya leaves one of them is treating dengue fever

16. Kidney Inflammation

Not only Benefits of Sambiloto leaves and 9 benefits of Temulawak which is able to treat kidney inflammation but jasmine flowers also have the same properties, how to:

  • Boil 15 grams of dried jasmine leaves together with two cups of water until the remaining size is only for one cup
  • Drink this boiled water twice a day regularly until the urine color returns to normal

17. Excessive milk production

A lot of milk production is certainly good for a mother because it can provide sufficient milk intake for children but if it is too excessive it will also interfere, here’s how to overcome excessive milk production:

  • Take enough jasmine flowers and stick them around the breasts
  • Do this regularly

18. Tea Mixture

Jasmine flowers can be used for tea mixtures so that the aroma is fragrant and fresh when drunk. You will find various tea products that mix jasmine flowers with tea leaves in it which gives a seductive fragrance effect.

The benefits of jasmine flowers are quite a lot, you may find that jasmine flowers are used for refreshing drink mixes.

Jasmine Flower Content

Jasmine flowers are divided into 3 types, namely Jasminum sambac Maid of Orleans, Jasminum sambac Grand Duke, dan Jasminum offcinale. Jasmine flowers themselves have very useful content, including: Etheric oil (odorous substance), Indole, Linalcohol, Benzilic acetate, Benzilic alcohol, Livalylacetaate, and Jasmon. Jasmine flowers are also very effective for dealing with all kinds of muscle, joint, and headache pain.

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