Benefits of Cucumber for Hypertension Patients

Cucumber or cucumber, a plant that has the Latin name Curcumin sativus is a type of fruit that is believed to be able to overcome the problem of hypertension that many people experience. This fruit is often eaten raw and served as fresh vegetables and as one of the fruits in the composition of rujak. Cucumber is also commonly used for masks and has properties for facial beauty. Cucumbers are produced from vines that grow from seeds. It has a downy stem and the leaves have long and broad stalks.

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Cucumbers have existed in Asia about 300 years ago, so people in Asia are no strangers to cucumbers. Since Roman times, cucumbers have been used both to treat insect bites such as scorpions and can also be used to compress tired eyes due to staying up late and caused by several other things. Some people consume cucumber and make cucumber juice to quench their thirst in summer. This is because cucumber has a cooling content when it is consumed.

Types And Content In Cucumbers

Cucumber is known as a fruit that has several types, including Watang, Turus, Suri, and Krai cucumbers. Some types of cucumbers have different shapes. However, in general, cucumbers that we know have an oval shape that is green in color. Although cucumber looks like a simple fruit, because it does not have a sweet, sour, bitter and bitter taste like some other fruits, but cucumber has a variety of contents. Some of the content contained in cucumbers include:

Cucumber is referred to as a fruit that has saponin substances because cucumber secretes mucus. Although we rarely find mucus in cucumbers when the cucumbers are a bit old, but when the cucumbers are small and young, when slicing the fruit, a liquid like mucus sap comes out from the part we slice.

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Vitamin E in cucumber can help slow down the aging process that occurs. In addition, vitamin E in cucumbers can also remove wrinkles on the skin. That is why, many people use cucumber as a mask.

If irritation occurs, cucumber can be used as a solution, because even though it has sap, cucumber contains caffeic acid in it. This caffeic acid has a function to relieve irritation that occurs on the skin. In addition to relieving irritation to the skin, caffeic acid can also reduce fluid buildup under the skin.

Although cucumbers don’t have the sour taste of other vitamin C-rich fruits, they do have a lot of vitamin C in them. Consuming cucumber can meet the needs of vitamin C needed by the body, so it can avoid canker sores and problems that arise due to lack of other vitamin C. Vitamin C in cucumbers also has the benefit of increasing levels of glutathione or an amino acid that has antioxidant properties.

After doing research, cucumber contains linoleic acid which has antioxidant properties. In this case, like the function of antioxidants in general, antioxidants in cucumbers can also help prevent body cell damage that occurs due to free radicals that cause cancer, heart disease, and can reduce fat levels in the body.

The content of cucumbers in general is very much, such as calories, protein, fat, carbohydrates, calcium, minerals, iron, and vitamins. Of these many ingredients, that’s why cucumber is called a fruit that can overcome one type of disease, namely hypertension.

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Cucumber Benefits for Hypertension

Cucumber is one of the fruits that has properties to lower blood pressure, so it can prevent and treat hypertension. The content contained in cucumber is able to reduce because it has a high content of potassium, magnesium and fiber. These three ingredients are believed to lower blood pressure in the body. The high potassium in cucumbers can help lower high blood pressure well. One of these minerals has a very important role in controlling blood pressure in the body. Antioxidants in cucumbers produced from vitamin C in it can also help lower high blood pressure.

Cucumbers also contain sodium content, but the sodium content in cucumbers is very low. If the body has a lot of sodium content, the body will be attacked by high blood pressure, when it occurs, it will be difficult to cure. With a low sodium content, cucumber can prevent and treat hypertension or high blood pressure.

Apart from being high in potassium and low in sodium, cucumber also has benefits for weight control. Consuming cucumbers on a regular basis can lose weight and can avoid obesity problems that often occur. With weight loss, or by having a normal weight it is possible, blood pressure in the body will also drop and can return to normal.

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How to Process Cucumber to Overcome Hypertension

As is well known, that cucumber can be eaten directly. However, to increase the appetite for eating cucumbers so that they are not monotonous, cucumbers can be consumed in various ways, namely:

  1. Cucumber Juice. In order to get multiple benefits, consuming cucumber can be done by making cucumber juice by adding several types of other fruit vegetables. In this way, in one gulp can produce many of the benefits obtained from the cucumber itself and various mixed fruits in other cucumber juices.
  2. Cucumber Juice. Another way is to only take cucumber water, because in the cucumber water there are many substances in it. In addition, by taking cucumber water by squeezing it, the content in cucumbers will be more easily absorbed by the intestines compared to consuming cucumbers directly.

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Cucumber can indeed effectively reduce hypertension or blood pressure in the body. The content in it supports to reduce hypertension. But what needs to be considered is, when the originally high blood pressure has returned to normal, consuming cucumber can be done only occasionally. This is because, if you consume cucumbers in excessive amounts when in a state of normal blood pressure, it can result in lower blood pressure. If blood pressure becomes very low, the body will become weak due to low blood pressure.

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