15 Benefits of Elai Fruit for Body Health

Elai or Lai fruit is a fruit that comes from Kalimantan, to be precise, it is often found in East Kalimantan, and in the Kutai Kartanegara area. In Kalimantan itself, elai fruit is better known as papaken fruit. Elai fruit thrives on the mainland of tropical countries. In Malaysia, the elai fruit is better known as durian nyekak, and in Brunei it is called durian pulu. In addition to Kalimantan, this elai fruit also thrives on mainland Sumatra and Java.

benefits of elai fruitCharacteristics of elai fruit

Elai fruit is very similar to durian, the skin is sharp, and has a distinctive aroma similar to durian but not more pungent than durian. When viewed from the outside, this fruit is very similar to the king of fruit (the nickname of the durian fruit). We can only tell if it’s been opened inside. Elijah’s flesh is generally orange in color in contrast to durian which is pale yellow in color.

Another difference can be seen in the flesh of the fruit, where the elai fruit is drier and rougher than the durian. The taste is also sweeter and there is no strong gas smell like durian fruit. Some say that it tastes sweet like sweet potato.

Nutritional content of Elai Fruit

Lai or elai fruit is known to contain no cholesterol and low alcohol content, even lower than the original durian fruit. Has a high tryptophan content to affect the mood in the mind. Another important content possessed by durian elai is the high content of potassium, fiber, vitamin C, and vitamin B complex. This nutritional content makes the benefits of elai fruit very good for the body, namely:

1. Launching CHAPTER

Elai fruit has a lot of fiber content to meet the body’s need for fiber. We know that the nutrients in fiber will help the digestive process run smoothly. The fiber content for the digestive organs will make us avoid constipation and facilitate the process of CHAPTER every day.

2. Skin health

Content the benefits of vitamin C and has antioxidant properties is very important for the skin’s need for vitamins and minerals. Elai is widely processed into skin care ingredients for beauty. The antioxidant properties of this fruit will be able to make the skin look bright and remove wrinkles, thereby reducing the risk of premature aging. In addition, a mask made from this fruit will make our facial skin clean from black spots and acne.

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3. Strengthens bone joints

Elai fruit contains potassium, potassium and calcium. These nutrients are needed to form new bone cells. So that the regeneration of old bone cells will be replaced with new bone cells which of course also help maintain the strength of our bones and joints.

4. Strengthens teeth

Not only bones and joints, calcium content is also very important for forming tooth cells. Elai fruit also contains phosphorus which is very important to affect the process of formation of tooth cells by the teeth calcium benefits.

5. Optimizing Work Productivity

Eating elai fruit can make our mood better because it contains tryptophan. In addition, eating elai fruit will make you more active for activities, because the content the benefits of vitamin B precisely vitamin B6, the high content of Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C will keep your body fit. Supported by a little alcohol content of elai fruit it will make you avoid feeling dizzy. These conditions will make us excited while working.

6. Increase vitality for men

Elai fruit which is known to have a very sweet taste than real durian and the alcohol content is not excessive is believed to increase vitality in men. The active tryptophan hormone when consuming this fruit will make men’s physical fitness increase.

7. Increase appetite

Another important content found in elai fruit is the content of thiamin and vitamin B1. The stimulus given is to increase our appetite. For those who have an appetite or usually this problem occurs in children, it never hurts to eat enough elai fruit to increase appetite.

8. Reduces the risk of anemia

The content of folate or it can also be called Vitamin B9 found in durian fruit is very good for helping the production of red blood cells. Vitamin B9 is very good for reducing the risk of anemia or lack of red blood cells.

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9. Relieves migraines

Migraine or it can also be called a headache that attacks a certain part of the head is very disturbing activity. Riboflavin which is a B vitamin in elai fruit is believed to be able to reduce headaches or dizziness. Elai durian fruit is one of the fruits that has a high riboflavin content of up to 29%.

10. Prevent stress

The hormone that affects our mood is serotonin. These hormones can be active much influenced by the content of vitamin B6 in the body. Research reveals that someone who is depressed is due to a lack of vitamin B6. Therefore, elai fruit which is sufficient in its B6 content will help avoid stress.

11. Increase body stamina

Elai fruit is known to have a lot of fat in carbohydrates as in durian fruit benefits. Carbohydrates are nutrients to increase energy. Consumption of sufficient carbohydrates as in the consumption of elai fruit will increase your energy needs.

12. Digestive organ health

In addition, the fiber content is very good for maintaining the function of our digestive organs, especially the intestines. Elai fruit also has antacid compounds which are effective for overcoming pain in the stomach.

13. Suitable for weight gain diet

This type of durian fruit is widely known that it has a very large calorie content, besides that the carbohydrate intake contained in this fruit is also high. For those who want to diet to increase weight, it never hurts to include the durian elai menu in the list of daily foods.

14. Overcoming insomnia

As previously mentioned that after eating elai fruit will affect mood. In addition, the content of tryptophan will also make our minds more relaxed, experts agree that feeling comfortable before going to bed will make the quality of sleep better, that is, sleep will be more restful.

15. Prevent cancer

Elai fruit such as durian fruit contains vitamins that have properties and properties antioxidant benefits to ward off free radicals, but elai fruit has a lower alcohol content than durian. These antioxidant properties will be effective in inhibiting the growth of cancer cells in the body.

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Warning for consumption of Elai Fruit

Elai fruit is the same as other durian fruit which has a fairly high sugar content and is high in fat in carbohydrates, although a little elai fruit also contains alcohol. It should be noted for pregnant women not to consume more than 1 elai a day. This can trigger contractions and cause miscarriage and premature birth, which is caused by the alcohol and arachidonic content found in this durian compatriot. In addition, those who have been exposed to gout and diabetes should need a doctor’s recommendation to be able to consume this fruit.

Getting to Know Elai Fruit Crops

Elai fruit has the Latin word durian kutejensis, which is often crossed with durian fruit plants and produces a cross plant that can be called durian elai. The results of crosses on elai fruit can now also be found to have a variety of colors, ranging from yellow to red. Various varieties of this elia fruit have been patented with the issuance of a decree from the Ministry of Agriculture. Elai durian, which is the result of a cross between Elijah and Durian, is commonly called the Elia Mahakam variety.

Elai Fruit Tree

How about the price? This fruit has a price that depends on the harvest season, if at harvest it will be cheaper, it can be around 15-25 thousand, but if it is outside the harvest season, the price can be up to 30-75 thousand. The harvest season itself ranges from January to March. The elai fruit tree itself is quite tall, about 20-30 m in height with its natural habitat in slope forests in the Central Kalimantan area.

The advantage of elai fruit has a longer shelf life than durian fruit. This plant can be a potential commodity that can be relied on to accompany durian to support the export of Indonesian agricultural commodities.

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