Benefits of Noni for Hypertension (High Blood)

Noni for hypertension, is it possible? Hypertension is a disease characterized by high blood pressure. A person is said to have hypertension when his blood pressure shows a number > 140/90 mm Hg. Uncontrolled hypertension conditions can increase the workload of the heart which results in enlargement of the heart muscles or failure of function. In addition, high blood pressure can compress the arteries in the brain until they burst, resulting in a stroke.

Therefore, excessive blood pressure should be lowered immediately. Lowering high blood pressure is one of them with noni. Noni (Morinda citrifolia) is a plant with a tree body that is not large and has a height of 3-8 meters. Noni fruit is known for its properties to cure various diseases. Noni fruit has a light green color that is shiny with black spots all over the fruit. The shape of the books is irregular. When it is old or ripe, the noni fruit will be white with black spots. This plant is widely found in Indonesia.

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Noni Benefits For Hypertension (High Blood)

Noni fruit has a soft texture when it is ripe. Noni fruit also has a distinctive smell like rotten cheese, so most people are reluctant to consume it because of the unpleasant smell. However, this noni fruit contains many nutrients, including: vitamins, minerals, protein and also micro-substances such as xeronine, proxeronine, natural steroids, alizarin, sodium, caprylic acid, caproic acid, alizarin, lysine, and capric acid. The noni fruit also contains scopoletin compounds which are anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.

In hypertension, this anti-inflammatory content is able to lower blood pressure. High blood pressure is obtained from the narrowing of the blood vessels. Noni fruit has the effect of widening blood vessels so that the pressure on the walls of blood vessels is reduced, and blood pressure drops.

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How to process noni to be an anti-hypertensive drug

  1. Prepare the ripe noni fruit and cucumber
  2. Clean the two ingredients
  3. Mash the noni together with the cucumber until smooth. The texture of the noni fruit is soft so that the smoothing process becomes easier. You can peel the skin first, or simply mash the whole thing for very ripe fruit.
  4. Once smooth, filter the results of the collision with a fine sieve until the water content comes out. Put the juices from the collision into the glass.
  5. Add hot water and sugar to disguise the taste. Stir well in a glass. And consume 2 times a day for faster results. Consume in the morning and evening. Do not forget to control your blood pressure after consuming it, so that blood pressure does not drop.
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Blood pressure control is very necessary to avoid the emergence of other complications. It is better to control blood pressure by preventing than by treating. Prevention of hypertension is by changing a healthy lifestyle, avoiding smoking, reducing caffeine, avoiding fatty foods and fast food. In addition, exercise regularly and avoid stress.

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