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Who doesn’t know soy sauce? Yes, soy sauce is one type of food ingredient that is often used as a kitchen spice, which is usually consumed by the people of Indonesia. Soy sauce itself is a product of processed black soybeans, which is mixed with brown sugar or white sugar and additional ingredients, which of course will create a sweet and distinctive taste from the soy sauce itself. Black soy sauce, with a very sweet taste.

The thickness of the soy sauce itself varies, depending on the soy sauce craftsman or the soy sauce factory in question. This is unique, because the type or brand of soy sauce in certain areas may differ from other regions in terms of taste, thickness and also the texture of the soy sauce itself. Soy sauce as one of the kitchen spices that is often used by cooks and housewives has many benefits, both in terms of utility and also in terms of health.

What are the benefits of soy sauce? The following are some of the benefits of soy sauce:

1. To add flavor to cuisine

The first benefit of soy sauce is to enhance the taste of food. For those of you who like the taste of food that has a sweet taste and also has a thick sauce, soy sauce is one of the main choices that you will definitely be able to rely on in your daily cooking needs. Yes, the sweet and thick taste produced by soy sauce is very useful for those of you who like sweet taste, and will create a distinctive taste to eat, because soy sauce is one of the unique kitchen spices that is often used to bring out the distinctive taste of Indonesia.

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In addition to soy sauce, there are many other ingredients to add to the taste of food, namely:

2. Gives a sweet taste without having to add sugar

You want to try sweet foods, but you are worried about the high sugar content? Then try to use soy sauce in your cooking. Even though it is sweet, soy sauce has less white sugar content, and uses more brown sugar which is much better to use than regular white sugar. Therefore, for those of you who have diabetes, soy sauce is quite safe for you to consume, because it is not dangerous.

In addition, there are other ingredients that give a sweet taste without the addition of sugar, namely:

3. Can be a black color in food

In addition to cooking spices, soy sauce is also often used as a colorant in food. One of the foods, such as stews and grilled fish, often requires the role of soy sauce, in order to provide the perfect color to the dish. In addition, the provision of a dark soy sauce color can also increase consumer appetite.

In addition to soy sauce, other dyes can also give black coloring to food, namely:

4. As an ingredient for soy sauce

You must have often heard the term soy sauce. Yes, soy sauce is a term that refers to the use of soy sauce as a meal companion. Usually the food is dipped with soy sauce, which consists of red chili, shallots, and cayenne pepper. The unique taste, which is sweet mixed with spicy, is one of the main attractions of the soy sauce sauce which is often used for friends to eat this fried food.

In addition, there are many others who use soy sauce ingredients, namely:

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5. Rich in protein

Soybeans are one of the best sources of vegetable protein for the body. Likewise with soy sauce. Yes, soy sauce which is processed from soybeans is one type of nutritious kitchen spice, because one of them is that it has a fairly high protein content. This protein content is of course very good for the health of the body, especially for the development of cells and body tissues, as well as the body’s muscles. (read : soybean benefits)

In addition, there are many more that are rich in protein, namely:

6. Contains iron

In addition to protein, the next benefit of soy sauce comes from the iron content in soy sauce. Iron is one type of substance that is also needed by our bodies. Iron itself is very good for helping accelerate our blood circulation, and can also help prevent the appearance of symptoms of anemia or lack of blood, such as the body becoming weak, susceptible to disease, and also easy to feel weak and tired.

In addition, there are many more that contain a lot of iron, namely:

7. Rich in Vitamin A

Besides being rich in protein and iron, the next benefit of soy sauce is good for eye health and also endurance. Why? Because soy sauce also contains the benefits of vitamin A which is very good for our body. Vitamin A contained in soy sauce will be very beneficial, especially for the health of our eyes, and also for the benefit of our sense of sight.

In addition to soy sauce there are many other benefits of vitamin A, namely:

8. Can lower cholesterol

Apparently, another benefit of soy sauce is being able to help lower cholesterol. Yes, so for those of you who often feel worried about cholesterol levels, especially bad cholesterol in your body, then try to be diligent in adding soy sauce to your daily diet, because it turns out, soy sauce is able to help maintain and also lower your cholesterol levels. when it’s too high.

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There are also many other ways to lower cholesterol, namely:

9. Good for smoothing the body’s digestion

As one of the ingredients made from processing grains, it is certain that soy sauce also contains fiber. With this fiber content, the next benefit of soy sauce which is also good for our bodies is that it can help smooth our digestion. That way, you can avoid various digestive problems, such as constipation, difficult bowel movements, and a bloated or nauseous stomach.

There are many other ways to improve digestion, namely:

10. Neutralize the spicy taste of chili sauce or certain foods

You want to eat chili sauce, but you are the type of person who doesn’t like to eat spicy food? If so, soy sauce is the perfect solution. Soy sauce can help neutralize the spicy taste, the trick is to mix soy sauce into the sauce you are going to eat. Thus, the spicy taste will be reduced due to the additional sweetness produced by the soy sauce.

There are also many other ways to neutralize the spicy taste:

Those are some of the benefits of soy sauce for us. Hopefully this article about the benefits of soy sauce is very useful and can also add to your insight, especially in terms of the health benefits that can be generated from using soy sauce.
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