17 Benefits of Oregano Leaves for Health

Plants are one of the natural resources that can be renewed. This includes herbal plants that are believed from time immemorial as natural medicinal ingredients that are proven to be able to treat various diseases depending on the content of each plant. Who doubts the power of these herbs? Nothing for sure.

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Including parts of the herbal plants that exist in this world are Origanum Commons or what we usually call oregano leaves. Leaves of oregano are usually used in various ways. Generally, oregano leaves are used as a cooking spice in Italy, Spain, the Mediterranean, and other European countries. But in fact, oregano leaves have a myriad of benefits that you need to know. In Indonesia alone, oregano leaves are included in spices that are classified as foliage.

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The benefits of oregano leaves are as follows:

  1. Fragrant Cuisine – Oregano leaves are plants that have a fragrant smell, so they are suitable for use as a mixture when seasoning meat and chicken so as to reduce the fishy smell of meat and chicken. (Also read: Benefits of Bolic Wifi Wok)
  2. Giving Taste – Oregano leaves can also be used as a stinging flavor enhancer or pungency like garlic and ginger because oregano has a strong, slightly bitter and distinctive taste. (Also read: Radio Benefits)
  3. Mix of Italian, Spanish and other European Cuisine – With a slightly bitter taste and distinctive aroma, oregano leaves are widely used in Italian cuisine, this is because Italian cuisine is identical to adding a mixture of herbs or mixed herbs into cooking. Likewise in other European countries. (Also read: Benefits of Candles)
  4. Fighting Free Radicals – The content of oregano leaves in the form of thymol and rosmanic acid which can reduce oxidative stress in the body. This is because both of these substances contain strong antioxidant properties. Oxidative stress itself is a condition of excess free radicals in the body, so the body is unable to neutralize them. The result of oxidative stress is the occurrence of DNA damage to cells due to excessive peroxide production. (Also read: Mixer Benefits)
  5. Strengthens Immune System The content of vitamin A and manganese in oregano leaves is known to be able to improve the immune system. By consuming oregano leaves can restore energy and prevent chronic fatigue. (Also read: Benefits of LED Lights)
  6. Relieves Menstrual Pain – Consuming orgeno leaves before menstruation can help reduce or relieve pain during menstruation or menstruation. So it is suitable to be tried for women who often experience menstrual pain during menstruation. And of course it must be balanced with regular exercise. (Also read: Rock Climbing Benefits)
  7. Facilitate Digestion – Oregano leaves which are rich in fiber are good for consumption to smooth bowel movements and digestion. On the other hand, the content of important compounds such as varvacrol and thymol is very good for digestion and can prevent constipation. (Also read: Oven Benefits)
  8. Relieves Fever – Oregano leaves that have been processed into oil are believed to relieve fever. This can be done by mixing oregano oil with enough water, then drinking. Oregano oil is also believed to have natural healing properties. (Also read: Manfaat Hand Spinner)
  9. Cleansing the Poison in the Heart The presence of essential compounds such as calcium (Ca), manganese (Mg), vitamin K, iron (Zinc), fiber, and a number of other organic compounds acts as a detoxifier for the body, and is also useful in the process of helping the elimination of toxins from the liver. (Also read: Benefits of Air Ventilation)
  10. Healthy Intestines The anti-bacterial properties contained in carvacrol and thymol compounds in oregano leaves are very effective against pathogenic bacteria that attack the intestines, skin and so on.
  11. Good for Heart Health The content of omega-3 fatty acids in oregano leaves is efficacious in maintaining heart health. It is also efficacious in controlling cholesterol levels in the body, and preventing inflammation in the cardiovascular system. In other words, it can prevent the risk of heart disease, atherosclerosis, and stroke. (Also read: Flashlight Benefits)
  12. Treating canker sores and wounds The presence of thymol in oregano leaves which have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties are very effective against bacteria and fungi on the skin. So it can be used to treat areas prone to bacteria and fungi. How to use it is quite easy, namely by pounding oregano leaves and then applying it to the injured skin. (Also read: Benefits of Raspberry Juice)
  13. Overcoming Difficulty Sleeping – Oregano leaves which are modified into tea are useful in overcoming sleep disorders or commonly called insomnia. Herbal tea from oregano leaves can calm the nerves and relax the body so that it reduces and even prevents stress. (Also read: Benefits of Grilled Squid)
  14. Prevent cancer The presence of strong antioxidants in oregano leaves can prevent various types of cancer. (Also read: Benefits of Cucumber Leaves)
  15. Preventing Premature Aging – Oregano tea which is rich in antioxidants is also believed to be able to prevent skin cell damage and prevent the appearance of signs of premature aging. (Also read: Tocopherol Benefits)
  16. Remove Acne – Ground oregano leaves are effective for treating acne that appears on the skin. (Also read: Benefits of Wind Root)
  17. Life Pharmacy – A family ideally has a live pharmacy in their respective homes. Including growing oregano at home can enrich the pharmacy garden of our lives. So when we really need oregano leaves and the supply on the market runs out, we can immediately pick them in our yard, and we can even save expenses. (Also read: Benefits of Purple Kencana Flowers)
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Here is a tip for those of you who want to feel the benefits of Orimaru leaves immediately. The method is quite easy, namely by sprinkling or mixing a spoonful of dried oregano leaves over our dishes, such as sprinkling it on pizza or by mixing it with sauce. This is because dried oregano leaves are more suitable for use in additional dishes, and dried oregano can be found at the nearest supermarket.

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Wow, cool, not the benefits of oregano leaves. It is not only useful for flavoring our dishes, but also for maintaining health and beauty. For those of us who want to have a healthy body and maintain beauty, there’s no harm in trying a concoction with a mixture of oregano leaves which is certainly quite easy if we make our own at home. For small children, stay under parental supervision, yes, in cooking!

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