17 Benefits of Kitolod Leaves and Flowers for Health

Kitolod, a strange name isn’t it? This is because this plant is not native to Indonesia but from the West Indies. However, for those who like to play or have activities along the river, of course they have come across kitolod. This is because this kitolod plant can grow well in moist and open areas along waterways such as rivers. Latin name plant Laurentina longifora (Linn.) or Longifora isotoma precision. It has white flowers whose crown looks like a star because it only consists of 5 (five) strands.

This plant also bears fruit, the fruit is green and shaped like a bell. In Sundanese language this plant is known as tolod leaf, while the Javanese are more familiar with it as control leaf. Chemically, plants belonging to the tribe campanulaceae It contains alkaloids (lobelin, lobelamin, isotomin), flavonoids, and polyphenols. So, now what are the benefits of this kitolod? Why do we need to know? So let’s just continue reading it.

From generation to generation, benefits of kitolod flower It has been believed since ancient times to be able to cure various diseases related to the eye. The following eye diseases can be cured with kitolod. As for how to cure it, it is enough to drop the water contained in the kitolod flower in the eye. It will hurt at first, but then you will be fine. Remember, be careful with the sap because it contains toxins that are toxic to humans.

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1. Watery Eyes

Of course it comes to your mind why watery eyes are included in eye disorders? Aren’t your eyes always watery? Watery eyes are meant here is the presence of an excessive amount of tears in the eye. This condition can occur in us when the glands in the eyes that produce oil cannot work properly. Things like this can cause the eyes to lack oil and eventually dry out. When the eyeball is dry it will stimulate the production of tears so that the eye becomes excess water. To cure it, it is necessary to first know the cause of the disease so that appropriate treatment can be carried out. In addition, eye drops are needed which we can get by using water from kitolod flowers. (Also read: Benefits of Tears)

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2.Hypermetropi / Mata Plus

Hypermetropia is an eye disease in which the eye is no longer able to see objects at close range with normal eyes so that this condition can be said to be farsighted. This inability occurs because the image falls behind the retina. To see objects that are close, people with this eye can be helped by positive-lens glasses or convex lenses. In addition, do not forget that the water from the kitolod flower can also help relieve the symptoms of this disease. (Also read: Blinking Eye Benefits)

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3. Myopic / Mata Minus

Not only nearsightedness, water from kitolod flowers is also useful for treating nearsightedness by making it as eye drops. In contrast to hypermetropia where the image falls behind the retina, for myopia the image falls in front of the retina. Usually, this disease is suffered by teenagers because of unhealthy activities such as reading books or playing cellphones while lying down, watching TV or playing games too close and too long, and so on. To overcome this, people usually use glasses with concave lenses or negative lenses. (Also read:Carrot Benefits To Reduce Minus Eyes)

4. Cataract

Cataract is a condition where there is a cloudy layer on the lens of the eye that can affect vision. This disease is very common especially in the elderly, people who are often exposed to the sun directly, have a history of cataracts / other diseases, or even an unhealthy lifestyle. However, it is possible that infants and children can be infected by this disease. Cataract disease does not cause pain, but its presence needs to be considered because it is a major cause of blindness. To remove the cataract layer is usually done by surgery, or you can take advantage of another alternative by dripping water from the kitolod flower in the eye.

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5. Glaucoma

This disease can occur due to excessive pressure on the eye resulting in damage to the optic nerve. This disease is characterized by pain in the eyes, red eyes, headache, cloudy eyes or narrowed vision or even not being able to see at all, and is usually accompanied by nausea and vomiting. The disease is incurable, but pressure on the eye and the extent of the damage can be prevented with eye drops, laser therapy, certain medications, or surgery. One of the natural drops that can be used is water from kitolod flowers.

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The part of the kitolod that can be used is not only the water in the flowers but the leaves can also be used. The following are the benefits of kitolod leaves for our bodies, some of which are: (Also read: Benefits of Kitolod Leaves and Flowers)

6. Anti-Inflammatory Drugs – Kilotod leaves contain certain compounds that can overcome inflammation. Thus, these leaves can be extracted and converted into pills or capsules that can treat various types of diseases that occur due to inflammation in certain body parts.

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7. Sore Throat – Not only causes fever, sore throat also causes discomfort because we will find it difficult to swallow various foods. To treat sore throat, we can use a decoction of kitolod leaves.

8. Toothache – When a toothache hits, any delicious food will not tempt us to eat it. To relieve pain in the teeth, you can take advantage of the collision of kitolod leaves. As for how you only need to stick the impact on the aching tooth. (read also: Benefits of grapes for teeth)

9. Asthma Asthma can be experienced by a person due to heredity or allergies to certain objects such as dander or dust. To overcome this, you need to avoid allergens for those with asthma due to allergies. Kitolod leaf decoction can also relieve asthma symptoms, of course accompanied by a healthy lifestyle. (Also read: Leg Hair Benefits)

10. Bronchitis Bronchitis occurs due to narrowing of the respiratory tract which is usually suffered by smokers, allergies to certain objects, congenital factors, or infection from other people. Kitolod leaf decoction is believed to be able to overcome this bronchitis. (read also: Benefits of Honey for Lungs)

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11. Wound Medicine – When you are injured, to speed up the drying and healing of the wound you can use kitolod leaves. As for how you just pound the leaves and stick it on the injured area. (Also read: Benefits of Salt Water for Wounds)

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12. Epilepsy – Epilepsy is a condition in which the body experiences convulsions and the sufferer cannot control his movements. This occurs due to disruption of human nerve cells. This disease is chronic and requires special therapy to free a person from this disease. Kitolod is an alternative herbal medicine that can be used to help people with epilepsy. (Also read: Healthy Muscles and Nerves )

13. Antioxidant – Kitolod contains flavonoid compounds which have been trusted by experts as antioxidants. Antioxidants have a special ability to ward off free radicals which are one of the causes of cancer. (Also read: Antioxidant Benefits)

14. Cancer Cancer is in a person’s body due to the wild growth of body tissue so that it turns into cancer cells. To overcome this disease is usually done by way of surgery although it is possible to relapse again. Kitolod plant can be used as an alternative cancer treatment because it contains a special type of alkaloid that can treat cancer. (Also read: Benefits of Jengkol for Cancer)

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15. Boost Immune System – Flavonoids are compounds that can improve the body’s immune system which we can get from kitolod. To get the benefits we simply boil it and drink the boiled water, or by consuming the extract.

16. Prevents Premature Aging – In addition to age, free radicals can also cause wrinkles on your face. Not only wrinkles but make the skin look dull. Flavonoids can counteract free radicals so that it indirectly prevents premature aging. We can also find these flavonoid compounds in colloids. (Also read: Benefits of Flavonoid Compounds )

17. Prevents Blood Clots – Blood clots can happen to anyone, to prevent it you can consume plants that contain flavonoids. One of the plants that contain this substance is kitolod.

The various benefits of kitolod have been described above both from flowers, leaves, and whole plants. Hopefully we can use this kitolod wisely and of course it would be better if we still follow the doctor’s advice. Hope it is useful!

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