benefits of avocado mixed with honey for skin

Benefits of Avocado Mixed with Honey for Skin

If you are currently looking for a fruit that is delicious to eat, then the right choice is avocado. Avocado contains 30 times more than other fruits. Of course this is very good news for you, especially the fat in avocados is a type of unsaturated fat that is very healthy for the body. Fat is needed by the body as an energy source other than glucose. In addition, the taste of this avocado is sweet and creamy. Avocados contain only a small amount of sugar so they are perfect for those of you who are on a weight loss program.

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In addition to avocado, another source of food that is very healthy and good for the body is honey. It has been a secret since ancient times that honey has been used as a cure for all diseases. Even according to history, honey is considered a magic water because of its benefits for human life. If honey and avocado are both put together then you can imagine how the benefits are very powerful for the body, right?

Avocado Benefits and honey

In addition to being rich in fat, avocados also contain other good substances including phosphorus, iron, sodium, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C and niacin. In addition, other content is high in minerals and fiber. The benefits of honey also need not be doubted because it has been proven to be very good for the body. So what if the two are mixed?

It turns out that when avocado and honey are mixed, not only does it taste good, but the benefits are also very good and multiply for the body. Here are the benefits of honey and avocado mixed.

  1. Overcome flakes and scaly skin
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The chemical content in avocado and honey is very effective for dealing with flakes and scaly skin. Flak itself is the result of dry skin being scratched so that it appears like a white line according to the scratch. Of course if you experience this it will make you feel uncomfortable right? Your appearance becomes less attractive and seems not to take care of yourself. But you can take it easy because it can be overcome by using a mixture of avocado and honey.

The way to make it is very easy, namely by crushing the avocado and adding one tablespoon of honey. Stir until smooth until it becomes like a paste. Then apply to the skin area of ​​the body and cover with a towel that has previously been soaked in green tea water so that the results can be optimal and seep into the skin faster. If you have scars or plaques, you can add crushed aspirin to the honey and avocado mixture. Wait for 30 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Do it regularly in order to get maximum results.

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  1. Brightens and smoothes facial skin

In addition to overall skin, avocado and honey are also very good, especially for facial skin health. What’s more, this part is a very important part of the body compared to other parts of the body. Immediately, to make an avocado and honey mask in the following way:

  • Prepare 1 avocado and then take the flesh using a spoon and put it in a bowl
  • Then put a spoonful of honey into the bowl that already contains the avocado. Mix well until it becomes a paste.
  • Wash your face with warm water and wait for a while until the face is slightly dry.
  • Then apply the mixture all over the face and neck. To help get rid of panda eyes and to refresh your eyes you can use cucumber to close your eyes.
  • Wait a few moments for the mask to dry.
  • After that, clean your face
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That was a review of the benefits of avocado and honey for skin health. This mixture is of course safe and healthy because it is made from 100% natural ingredients. Don’t forget to use real honey.

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