5 Benefits of Betel For The Most Powerful and Fast Eyes

Betel leaf is one of the herbal plants that has a million benefits for all kinds of diseases and health, such as treating various eye diseases. Betel leaf contains antiseptic and antioxidant compounds such as ploevenold, vitamin A, essential oil, hydroxykavicol, estragol, phenyl propane, allylpyrokatekol, caryophyliene, cavibetol, cyneole, diastase, tannin, sesquiterperna, cadinene, terpennene, starch and sugar. Because there are so many ingredients in betel leaves, these leaves can be used to treat various diseases. In the following, we will provide some of the benefits of betel leaf for complete eyes for you.

  1. Treating itchy and sore eyes

Some eye problems that almost everyone experiences are itchy and sore eyes. Because of the stinging and itching that occurs in the eye organs, the immunity of the eye organs will decrease and cannot ward off dust, smoke and pollution. Furthermore, the itchy and sore eyes will develop with the emergence of a burning, red and hot feeling due to the activity of rubbing the eyes to relieve the itching. One way you can do this is to use the benefits of betel leaf stew which is very effective for treating itchy and sore eyes.

  • Boil 4 pieces of fresh betel leaf until boiling.
  • After cooling, use the boiled water to wash your eyes and do it regularly until it heals.
  1. Cure Eye Irritation
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Various pollutants such as vehicle fumes, dust, bright light from gadgets and also sunlight are some of the things that often irritate the eyes. Eye irritation or conjunctivitis that occurs in the eye can trigger the emergence of fungi and germs that further aggravate the eye irritation. To overcome eye irritation can also be done by using the benefits of boiled water red betel leaf or green.

  • Boil 3 pieces of fresh betel leaves that have been washed until boiling.
  • Let cool and use to wash the eyes 3 times a day and do for 1 week in a row.
  • Also keep the boiling water clean and also the betel leaf before use to avoid further irritation.
  1. Cure Minus Eyes

Besides many betel leaf benefits for the face, the next benefit of betel is efficacious to cure minus eye. Minus eye disorders themselves can occur due to various reasons such as reading in a dark place and a bad position, watching television too close and many others. This betel leaf can not only be used to cure various eye problems such as irritation but is also effective for curing minus eyes.

  • Boil 5 pieces of betel leaves that have been washed clean until boiling and cool.
  • Use the boiled water to wash your eyes and drink some of it regularly.
  1. Treating Belekan Eyes
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The benefits of betel leaf for the eyes The next thing that can be taken from betel leaf stew is to treat belekan eyes. Various impurities in the eye can be removed entirely by simply washing the eyes using the betel water.

  • Boil 3 pieces of betel leaf that have been washed clean until boiling and let stand until warm enough.
  • After it is warm, use the betel boiled water to wash your eyes by blinking in the betel boiled water.
  • Do it regularly until this eye problem can be cured completely.
  1. Cure Cataract
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Cataracts can be seen from the cloudy part of the eye lens which generally looks clear when in good health. This cataract will make your vision blurry, have difficulty seeing light at night or during the day, have double vision and have sensitive eye organs. To overcome this cataract can also be done using benefits of betel leaf tea in the following way.

  • Prepare 10 to 20 pieces of fresh betel leaf and wash thoroughly.
  • Boil with 4 cups of water until the water turns a slightly greenish color.
  • Drain the boiled betel water and transfer it to a basin.
  • Bring the basin close to the eyes and let the steam from the betel boiled water hit the eyes.

Thus our review of the benefits of betel for the eyes that can be used as a natural solution to cure eye problems and maintain eye health. However, do not use too much because the effects of betel leaf can harm your eye organs.

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