20 Benefits of Starfruit for Diet and Medicine

Ideal body weight and shape is everyone’s dream. Too fat or too thin are both not good in terms of health and appearance. For this reason, many people are willing to do things that are sometimes extreme, such as going on a super-strict diet, taking drugs or herbs whose contents are not yet clear, to liposuction surgery. Although it may be able to slim the body but these things have the potential to harm the body.

So far, many people misunderstand diet and do it carelessly without good health knowledge. Diet does not mean not eating or eating very little, but diet is an arrangement of eating patterns so that the calories that enter the body match or are slightly below the calories used daily. Thus we do not increase the accumulation of calories in the body, in fact we gradually reduce the accumulation of fat by using it as an energy source. And the impact of weight will gradually decrease.

But unfortunately most people are impatient and want something fast so they go to extremes and harm the body. And even if you lose weight, the loss is unhealthy so that it can cause the body to be susceptible to disease, lack nutrition, and don’t last long. Yes, how many people manage to lose weight quickly but don’t take it back for long because they can’t stand a torturous diet. Diet should be used as a daily eating pattern so that it not only stabilizes body weight but is also very good for health.

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In order for your diet program to be successful there are various types of healthy foods that you can consume, such as:


In addition to the foods above, there is one more food option that is effective for weight loss, namely star fruit or vegetable starfruit. The fruit which has the Latin name Averrhoa bilimbi linn is already very well known in the community. It is oval in shape, small in size, and green in color. It tastes sour and sour so it is often used as a mixture in cooking to give a refreshing natural sour taste in addition to other food ingredients such as benefits of lime and 35 proven health benefits of tamarind.

Belimbing wuluh is a fruit native to Indonesia and also comes from mainland Malaya. This fruit is very easy to find because it bears fruit all year round and can grow anywhere without requiring special care. Can be planted in the yard of the house so that it can be taken immediately when needed. This causes the selling price in the market is very cheap and affordable.

Wuluh Starfruit Nutrition Content

Although it is easy to obtain and the price is relatively cheap, the benefits for health cannot be underestimated. This fruit is rich in health benefits. This is supported by its nutritional content such as vitamin C, fiber, pectin, terpenoids, thiamine, niacin.

The content of vitamin C in starfruit is useful for increasing metabolism. With a good metabolism, every food we eat can be absorbed properly and can produce energy to perform basic body functions and various daily activities. This prevents the accumulation of calories in the body and helps burn stored fat into energy needed to support various body activities. Therefore, a diet program will only work if it is supported by physical activity and regular exercise. Without them, don’t expect to lose weight. In addition, by consuming wuluh starfruit, we can also get the benefits of vitamin c others are also very good for the body.

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The fiber contained in star fruit is also very good for making the stomach feel full longer so that the desire to eat can be suppressed. Because as is known most people eat not because they are hungry or lack of calories but because they want to. Besides that, we can also pick fiber benefits others are also very good for health.

As one of the wuluh starfruit diet menus, it should be consumed raw or processed into juice after previously being washed. This is so that the nutrients in the starfruit remain intact and avoid damage due to the improper cooking process. In addition, if starfruit is consumed in the form of processed foods such as curry, of course the calorie value is higher than eaten raw, even though our goal is to reduce calories. This wuluh starfruit juice can be consumed as a companion to the main meal.

In addition to maintaining intake and eating patterns, weight loss must also be done diligently with exercise and physical activity so that the incoming calories can be used in the form of energy and gradually burn the calories that have accumulated in the body.

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Other Benefits of Wuluh Starfruit

As mentioned above there are so many nutrients contained by starfruit which make it very beneficial for health and can be used as herbal ingredients to cure several diseases including:

1. Cough

Apart from using pineapple benefits for cough we can also take advantage of starfruit to relieve cough. The trick is to boil some wide leaves, flowers, and two star fruit in 2 cups of water. Add a little sugar as a sweetener then boil and wait until it boils and the cooking water is only half. After that the boiled water is filtered and can be drunk when it is warm.

2. Fever

Belimbing wuluh leaves can also be used to reduce fever in addition to other herbal medicines such as benefits of grass jelly leaves for treatment and health. You do this by crushing the starfruit leaves until smooth and then smeared on the forehead of people with fever.

3. Diabetes

Belimbing wuluh contains flavonoid and saponin compounds which are very good for increasing insulin where in people with diabetes insulin is not produced in sufficient quantities or is not used properly. In addition, the tannin content in star fruit can also help lower blood sugar levels, making it very suitable and beneficial for diabetics.

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