6 Benefits of Jamu Akar Sari for Fattening the Body

Benefits of Jamu Root SariJamu Akar Sari is a special herbal medicine for fattening the body, especially for someone who has lost their appetite. Jamu Akar Sari can also be consumed in the recovery period after illness and herbal treatments because it has properties that are not less than other types of herbal medicine. Jamu Akar Sari is one of the products from a well-known herbal medicine company from Solo which is sold in powder form as well as capsules or pills which are more suitable for consumption if you do not like the bitter taste of powdered herbal medicine. This Jamu Akar Sari contains 12 sachets in each box made of various blended ingredients such as Aurantii Fructus cortex, Curcumae Rhizoma, Coptici Fructus, Ligustnae Lignum and various other natural ingredients that have detox benefits. In the following, we will provide some of the benefits of herbal root extract for the body as additional information for you.

  1. Increases Appetite

Appetite is the body’s internal regulatory system that is useful for meeting the body’s nutritional and energy needs. Decreased or loss of appetite, which was initially normal, can cause problems if it occurs continuously for more than a few weeks. If the body lacks appetite, then the body will experience a lack of essential nutrients in controlling blood sugar. There are several factors that can cause loss of appetite such as the use of drugs such as antibiotics and morphine, mental disorders such as prolonged stress and sadness, certain diseases such as chronic kidney failure and hepatitis and so on. One way to restore this appetite can be done by consuming Jamu Akar Sari, especially in the post-illness recovery process as a remedy energy sources.

  1. Improve blood circulation
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Blood circulation that is not smooth due to buildup high cholesterol It can occur due to various conditions or diseases. Blood circulation itself is part of the cardiovascular system whose job is to carry blood with oxygen and essential nutrients from the heart to the rest of the body while carrying dirty blood containing waste and carbon dioxide back to the heart. This blood circulation system together with the heart will form the cardiovascular system to fight incoming diseases, maintain a normal body temperature while maintaining a balance between systems. So that this blood circulation system can remain smooth and avoid anemia or hypertension, it can be done by consuming Jamu Akar Sari which has been proven to be effective in maintaining human blood circulation.

  1. Relieve Tiredness

Feeling tired every day is a common symptom that can be experienced by anyone regardless of age and gender. The cause of the body feeling tired can be felt by the sufferer and occurs due to habits and health problems that are not realized, such as dehydration, lack of physical activity, lack of sleep or rest, sleeping at the wrong time, anemia, hypothyroidism, depression and many others. . So that the body can recover faster from feeling tired and weak, then the best solution is overcoming tired What you can do is rest enough and also consume Jamu Akar Sari which contains many useful ingredients to restore the body’s condition.

  1. Eliminate Laziness
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Laziness is a bad habit that is difficult to break. This feeling of laziness can also be triggered due to various things such as excessive stress or anxiety that interferes with productive activities, too many tasks or schedules so that they feel short of time to do these various tasks, too tired physically or emotionally, lack of discipline and so on. In Jamu Akar Sari contains important ingredients that will restore the spirit and physical strength as well as reduce pain naturally so that they can function properly again in a short time.

  1. Overcoming Insomnia

Insomnia is a condition in which a person has difficulty initiating sleep or is unable to sleep in sufficient time so that he often wakes up quickly. This of course will make the patient feel weak for activities the next day. Some of the symptoms of insomnia include not being able to take a nap even though the body feels tired, often waking up at night and unable to go back to sleep, often feeling tired and having trouble concentrating and so on. In Jamu Akar Sari contains natural ingredients that are very good for relaxing the body so that it can rest better and sleep more soundly.

  1. Fattening Body
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As the name suggests, Jamu Akar Sari is very good for consumption to make the body look fuller while at the same time smoothing the digestive system and increasing the process of absorption of food essence so that the juice from the food that has been consumed is not wasted.

Rules for Using Jamu Akar Sari

The rules for using Jamu Akar Sari can be seen from the packaging which has been fully explained as a guide.

  • Adults: Adults can mix 1 pack of Jamu Akar Sari with 1/2 cup of boiling water, stir well and drink while still warm 2 times a day, morning and evening.
  • Children: For children, you can consume 1/2 pack of Jamu Akar Sari brewed with 75 cc of boiling water and drink while still warm.

Thus our review of the benefits of Jamu Akar Sari which is a herbal medicine made from natural ingredients to fatten the body while maintaining a healthy blood flow, digestive system and food absorption process. Make sure you consume this herbal medicine according to the dose so as not to cause side effects.

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