The 5 Most Important Benefits of Red Betel for Leucorrhoea

9c9b6e0c sirih merahActually vaginal discharge is commonplace and most of those who experience vaginal discharge are women. However, if vaginal discharge continues to be left unchecked and not treated, it will continue to disease or disorders of the reproductive organs and can even cause infection. There is a type of vaginal discharge that is usually experienced by women. The first is normal vaginal discharge is different if you see the benefits of andong leaves, where vaginal discharge does not cause interference. And the second is the type of vaginal discharge that can cause interference.

Usually this type of vaginal discharge can cause itching and an unpleasant odor that is different if you look at it the benefits of bamboo shootsIt’s no wonder that many women often scratch their reproductive areas. Of course this is also not good, scratching too much can cause injuries to infections. For that you must as soon as possible to overcome the vaginal discharge if the vaginal discharge is bothersome. There are many ways you can do to overcome it. Ranging from traditional to modern methods are also available.

However, there is one traditional way that is very effective in addition to eliminating itching and odor, it can also eliminate the vaginal discharge that you are experiencing. That is by using betel leaf. Betel leaf itself has many kinds, one type of betel leaf that you can use to treat vaginal discharge is red betel leaf. Red betel leaf is one type of vines and is included in the toga plant. The red betel plant itself is still in the same family as the pepper plant, so do not be surprised if the betel also has a slightly spicy taste.

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Scientifically, red betel has the name Pepper ornaments and originally came from the American continent. And along with the development of the era of trade and science and technology, red betel leaf can be found anywhere, including in Indonesia. Even in Indonesia itself, there are many people who plant red betel. Not only used as a toga plant, red betel is also used as an ornamental plant. Lots of people plant red betel as a garden decoration or as a room decoration to make it look sweeter.

As for the characteristics of the different red betel if you look the benefits of cloves for diet, in contrast to betel leaves in general, red betel leaves tend to be medium and small in size. It is heart-shaped with short, dark petioles. for the leaves themselves have a reddish color with a green pattern. This is what makes red betel has a beautiful shape and color. In addition to its beauty, red betel is also very easy to plant and cultivate. and of course this is also related to the benefits, here is an explanation of the benefits of red betel for vaginal discharge.

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Benefits of Red Betel for Leucorrhoea

  1. Cleaning Female Reproductive Organs

One of the causes of vaginal discharge is the lack of cleanliness of your reproductive organs. There are many ways to clean the reproductive organs. Starting from cleaning with warm water, soap, and traditional ingredients. One of the traditional ingredients that are good for cleaning your reproductive organs effectively is red betel leaf. The trick is to clean your reproductive organs using betel leaf boiled water every day while bathing.

  1. Killing Bacteria That Cause Leucorrhoea

Apart from being less clean, bacteria that cause vaginal discharge is one of the main causes. This bacteria is what triggers the mucus in your reproductive organs. To deal with it is different from balanced benefits for goutOf course you can use red betel leaf. Red betel leaf itself contains antibacterial substances that can kill bacteria that cause vaginal discharge.

  1. Prevents Leucorrhoea

In addition, you can treat your reproductive organs with boiled red betel water to make it healthier so you can avoid various types of reproductive disorders or diseases. Use red betel boiled water regularly once every 3 days to clean your reproductive organs. Don’t forget to rinse it with clean water after using boiled red betel water.

  1. Eliminates Unpleasant Odors
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Disorders that are commonly experienced when vaginal discharge are reproductive organs so smell bad. For that you can get rid of the smell by boiling red betel water. The trick is to pick 5 to 7 betel leaves and wash them thoroughly. Put in 500 cc of boiling water for 10 minutes and wait until the water turns lukewarm. Use in the shower 3 times a day.

  1. Overcoming Itching

Vaginal discharge in addition to causing an unpleasant odor also causes itching, of course this is very disturbing. To overcome it is very easy, in contrast to benefits of bay leaves and lemongrass, you can make a red betel leaf stew. Use boiled water for every day as much as 3 times while bathing, this is very effective for relieving itching in your reproductive organs.

Those are the various benefits of red betel leaf for vaginal discharge, use boiled water of red betel leaf regularly and regularly so that your vaginal discharge can be resolved. Hopefully the information above can be useful for you.

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