Benefits of Cassava Starch for Human Health

Who does not know cassava? Cassava is one type of plant that is certainly familiar. This tuber-type plant is one of the most famous foodstuffs in Indonesia, even the world. Although some regions in Indonesia have cassava as a staple food, and also thrive in areas of Indonesia, the tuber, which is often referred to as Cassava, comes from Latin America.

cassava starchCassava trees themselves have varying growth rates, some are around 1 meter, and some are very tall. Likewise with the tubers. There are several types of cassava that have very large tubers, but there are also cassava which have relatively smaller tubers.

Cassava itself is very easy to garden, because it only relies on the process of cuttings obtained through the stem. You can also enjoy the results, which are tubers that are embedded underground in a relatively short time. Almost all parts of this cassava can be processed and utilized for the purposes of human life.

Cassava leaves

Cassava leaves are often used as one of the main ingredients in making vegetables, and also fresh vegetables that become friends in dining, especially for those of you who often stop by Padang-style restaurants.

Cassava Stem

In addition to cassava stalks can be propagated as cuttings, can also be used as one of the firewood. Although not as good as firewood, but at least cassava sticks can produce a good enough fire.

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Well, this is part of the cassava plant that is most often used by us. Yes, the tuber. Usually the cassava tuber can be processed into boiled cassava or fried cassava. Or it can also be used as a mixture in traditional foods and cakes, such as combro, and misro. In addition, tubers from cassava are also often used for its starch for various purposes.

Cassava Extract

What is cassava starch? In short, what is meant by the starch from cassava is the extract from the cassava tuber itself. Cassava starch extract can be obtained easily. You can use cassava tubers, then grated or can also be obtained using certain machines and chemicals.

Cassava extract may not be very familiar to use, because many people prefer to eat cassava directly rather than having to bother extracting the essence.

What are the benefits of cassava starch?

Actually, cassava starch itself has many benefits for our lives, whether we realize it or not. What are the benefits of cassava starch? The following are some of the benefits of cassava starch that you may not know:

  1. Edible Film Making
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What is Edible film? Maybe you are not familiar with the term edible film. Edible film is a thin layer on food that serves to ‘wrap’ food and can also be eaten. Edible film coating on this food has several benefits and uses, namely:

  • Inhibits the transfer of water vapor
  • Inhibits gas exchange
  • Prevents the loss of aroma in a food
  • Prevents fat transfer
  • Additive carrier

Edible film is a common coating that is often added to manufactured food products. Edible films can be made using starch from cassava, because there are several advantages, namely:

  • Economical
  • Easy to update
  • Easy to obtain
  • Gives good characteristics.
  1. Tapioca Flour Making

You often hear tapioca flour? Yes, the type of flour that is often used as the basic ingredient for making crackers and various other types of food and cakes is a type of flour made by utilizing the starch content in cassava tubers.

Tapioca flour itself is rarely used in household production, because it is inferior to wheat flour and flour made from wheat. However, until now several industries still need a supply of tapioca flour

  1. Wound healing

For our own bodies, the starch from cassava tubers has good benefits for helping wound healing. By utilizing cassava starch, the wounds you experience can heal quickly and can prevent infection and bleeding.

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How to? The following are the steps to make cassava starch as a medicine to heal wounds:

  • Grate cassava until smooth
  • Paste it on the part of the body that is injured
  • Besides pasting, you can try to compress it

Well, easy isn’t it? You can also practice it yourself at home.

  1. Carbohydrate Source

Cassava starch is also a good source of carbohydrates for our bodies. This can reduce our dependence on rice products, your carbohydrate intake in a day will be fulfilled by utilizing this cassava starch.

The trick, you can grate cassava, then process it into various types of food that are very delicious and help meet your carbohydrate needs.

In addition, you can also make several kinds of cakes using tapioca flour, which is the processed product of cassava root starch.

  1. Energy sources

Cassava starch is also one of the sources of energy for the body whose capacity is no longer in doubt. Cassava starch can provide more energy for you in carrying out your daily activities and activities.

Those are some of the benefits of cassava starch that you may not know. So many articles about the benefits of cassava starch, hopefully this article is useful for you readers.